My Four Years on [Lel1996’s Journey]

I’ve been so excited about creating this post for a long time now. It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about my past on Stardoll as a whole.

For some Stardoll is just a game filled with pixels of flawless dolls, for others it’s a sanctuary – a way to escape the real world. But for me, Stardoll is somehow like an old friend.

I first met Stardoll in my old Primary School’s Computer Suite. We’d always get free-time every Friday. I was obsessed with Cartoon Doll Emporium which is similar to Stardoll with the concept of paper-dolls. I noticed the other girls were playing on a different dress-up site, and it was Stardoll. This was in 2006, when I was in Primary 6 – the 10 year old me. I’m sure I had a few more accounts, more older than the Lel1996 one I have today, but I’ve lost all my old e-mail addresses so I guess I’ll never know what they were. The Stardoll I first met wasn’t the Stardoll we see today, it’s completely changed. Back in 2006 we didn’t have a separate sign up page, as soon as you typed in the web address you were led to the Dress-up list.

(Credit goes to Stardoll Designer)

Medolls did exist and so did Starplaza although it was called Shop and does not resemble anything like the Starplaza we know today. Stardoll was very basic, but the main concept was around Paperdolls. I didn’t buy Superstar codes for clothes in Shop, I bought them so I could dress-up the latest dolls. At the time they amazed me, with the uncanny resemblance to all the pretty women in the magazines that my mother read, or the pop singers my close female relatives idolised. Making Friends on Stardoll for me was very hard, all my real life friends that went on Stardoll didn’t have accounts and it was hard to find people. You couldn’t comment on Dolls and there was no clubs. The only way I could find that other people on Stardoll existed was looking at the Covergirl of the day and looking at her latest visitors.

Stardoll became boring, the dress-up dolls didn’t impress me as much as they did before and I had nothing to stay for so I left in 2007. I logged in occasionally but nobody had visited my Suite or left me any comments so after 2 minutes of logging in, I logged out once again.

After I had left Stardoll introduced Starpoints and updated the Shop and I missed collections of the first DKNY. I soon rejoined after seeing how much things had improved from before. I became a regular club member of Animal-Lovers which was the biggest club on Stardoll at the time. I remember this was my darkest days on Stardoll simply because I became obsessed. I strictly recall PerezHilton of Stardoll advertising on some club (most likely it was Animal-Lovers) and I remember going on to her page and she was talking about being different and unique and I found the link to her famous Gossip Blog – I was hooked. I would read the blog everyday and look in awe at the “Elites” of the time. I’m not sure why I enjoyed reading it so much, but probably because all the writers were so witty and I would laugh out loud with all the judgements they made on each individual. On June 15th 2008 I found the DKNY Scuba dress for sale as well as the Ruffle Skirt. I only paid a mere 55 Stardollars and 41 Stardollars for the two rares.

(Old snapshots of my album that I kept. Look how horrendous my Medoll looks).

I started becoming sucked into the idea of buying as many “Rares” as I could. I remember some random user leaving a comment about having my Patchwork bag and trading it for something of the likes of the Mary-Kate Voile Dress. I originally bought the Patchwork bag with my first code that I had bought on Stardoll in 2006,  assumed that it was just some old piece of junk. Suddenly people kept asking for my Patchwork and if it was on sale. Me owning an actual rare? It felt great to have something that other people couldn’t have.

(One of my oldest sceneries- the Patchwork can be seen below the chair)

I soon began to go into a hunt for any other rares I could get my hands on. I was in a desperate search for the Skyscraper, and only once I have I ever seen it on Starbazaar, for 60 Stardollars. I didn’t buy it due to it looking skewered and I thought it was some sort of fake. I wasn’t much of a collector, I just bought anything that I liked. I was in the hunt for rares but I wouldn’t spend all my stardollars on something that I wouldn’t even wear.

This is my first snapshot I ever took and the only snapshot I had of my Suite at the time.

As I mentioned before, I was a regular member of Animal-Lovers. Whilst hunting for rares I would post on all the discussions on the club and became an A-L’er. I hoped to become one of those members who everyone recognised and remembered but looking back, they probably thought I was some annoying brat. Topics would go by very fast and nobody ever commented on my topics so I really felt like an outsider yet strangely enough I continued to post.

When the Animal-Lover’s owner posted on the club after a short disappearance. I was so rude . .

I don’t know why I didn’t take an entire snapshot of the discussion because I really want to know who I was talking to. Ha, imagine if I did delete the blog!

I was becoming more obsessed with Stardoll and soon it all came crashing down for me. I’ve always said that I never knew how the hacker got my password but I’ve only suddenly realised now how I had been so careless.

At the time of my hacking, Stardoll would send you Free Dresses if you bought a Superstar Code, sometimes the dresses would only available if you were Non-Superstar. I started collecting up these free dresses although I wanted the newest dress, but it was for Non-Superstars so I created a spare account and made it Superstar. The spare account had the same password as Lel1996. On the occasional basis some hackers came to Animal-Lovers to advertise their Piczo websites where they would claim to give you Free Superstar membership and Stardollars. So any ways, these people were different. There was a bunch of users telling everyone how it worked so I came up with a fool-proof plan. I would give these people my spare account and see what they would do. I left it at that and I remember leaving my laptop and going for a shower. When I came back online, everything was gone. My Scuba, Ruffle Skirt, Hotbuys, Sequins Top and even my treasured Patchwork bag were all in the hands of this greedy monster.

I tried warning people and reasoning with my hacker but nobody would listen. I was on the verge of tears, the only time I’ve felt like crying because of Stardoll. I know it may sound over dramatic but all my parent’s hard-earned money was wasted, all the reasons why I went on Stardoll vanished. At the time I didn’t know how she hacked me, I was a confused mess. I honestly felt like crying but I somehow I knew that I had become a complete addict of Stardoll and I chose to quit.

Sadly this didn’t last long, and I came back online determined to reclaim my Rares. Stardoll was no use, every time I contacted them they would give heaps of automated crap so I gave up. The Hacker (Squidward22) didn’t have any of my clothes in her Suite so I guessed she had sold them to another account or even her main account. She had blocked me and there was no way I could get my Rares back. So instead I resulted into buying new ones. Scuba prises had risen to over one thousand Stardollars (A crazy amount at the time) and everybody wanted to trade. The only trace I had left of my previous rares was the DKNY Satin Crystal Dress, but I was later scammed out of the dress.  I soon gave up on the hunt of finding my rares and carried on Stardoll like a normal user and looking back now, I think it was for the best. During those times, I was scammed out of nearly 600 Stardollars and 5 Superstar codes.

I can’t imagine what I would be like now if I wasn’t hacked. I’d probably not have started the blog or my Youtube channel and still be in the search of other rares. I can just imagine myself buying Lottery Dressses and MKA RC for 10,000 Stardollars or whatever the street price is nowadays. It taught me a good lesson about Stardoll, that it was not to be trusted and I grew up anger towards the Staff of Stardoll. How could they carry on with the site when people were being scammed and hacked in all kind of different manners? It was a vermin invested house, pretty on the outside but deep inside it was disgusting, infected and vile.

I grew tired of reading Gossip Blogs, the same people bitching about each other every day. It was entertaining but I felt guilty of making preconceived judgements about people who I didn’t even know. I then began to think that I could create a Blog and be accepted for once. I wanted people to finally understand my thoughts on Stardoll, every time I posted a topic on Animal-Lovers, people shot me down calling me immature and stupid. I wanted to be accepted, people to actually appreciate me and so that I could make my mark on the Dolly world.

When I started making my blog, I thought it would be an easy task. Just post small articles and people would start reading instantly. I was completely wrong. I began to advertise my blog on Animal-Lovers and I remember creating a topic with over 200 posts, trying to boost my Statistics on the Blog. I then posted the Voile codes for free dresses and received 500 views in one day! Amazing at the time and it was my busiest day ever on my blog until Stardoll advertised my blog on the homepage, but I find it strange to think it’s less than my average view count nowadays.

I thought it was my big break, but views began to dwindle down and it was back to being Lell1996 – the nobody. I somehow began to start my rants. I hadn’t seen anything like I had done on any other blogs so I thought it would become my Blog trade-mark. I still posted everyday on Animal-Lovers and we would have discussions about the unfairness of Stardoll, and yet I though “Why has nobody created a blog around this?” and saw my chance. Strange how I still find something to rant about after 2 years.

I don’t know how many times I’ve threatened to delete my blog back in 2008-2009 because nobody was reading my posts frequently, I had a very small number of regular readers but for me that wasn’t enough. After 2 years posting on my blog I’ve finally worked hard for the lovely bunch of regular readers I have now. I’ve always regretted starting on WordPress and not going onto Blogspot where the majority of Stardoll blogs are hosted, but I’ve gotten used to WordPress and I guess it’s okay to be a bit different.

I was on Youtube a lot as well- since I did a lot of multi-tasking on the Internet- and I came across a bunch of Stardoll make-up tutorials after Sephora had just been released. I wanted to do something more than my blog and so I created my Youtube channel, I was ecstatic! I created my first few tutorials yet I had very few subscribers or even views for that matter, but I didn’t care- I was determined to finally create some worth watching. I started creating videos in Starplaza since I didn’t have much make-up myself and I liked to create outfits to go along with my make-up. It was only until I created my Blues video that I finally realised what I wanted my Youtube channel to solely base around upon.

Sure I’ve received lots of foul comments in my time, but I’ve learnt to brush them off my shoulder and carry on with my videos. I know half of them are a bunch of immature tweens with no parent internet supervision. What really annoys me is when people criticise my old videos, what use is that? Surely if my video has been on my channel for over a year I would have noticed how terrible it is. Nowadays I work extremely hard on my Youtube videos, I’ve spent over 22 hours on one tutorial- not in one sitting because if I did that I would go insane. I’d love to go back to the days where I could just record a video, add some music then upload it directly to Youtube and my job would be done. I guess now I’ve got into the habit of making my videos a lot more detailed with editing procedures, but I guess when it’s all uploaded I’m extremely happy with the results. Making Youtube videos has definitely gained me some editorial skills, without it I don’t think I would be able to make School Presentations/Videos I create today, and that’s something that I couldn’t have been able to achieve without the help of Stardoll.

Animal-Lovers was deleted in 2008/2009 (correct me if I am wrong), so I dwindled in other clubs such OriginalClub, Fashionista, Fashion Club and AskPaulinaGirls. I wasn’t very fond of Original Club because they started making topics about how old A-L’ers should leave and were being so rude, so I left. Fashionista and Fashion Club were actually okay and I enjoyed it there but it wasn’t anything like Animal-Lovers where we would all have random topics and just have long debates and discussions. At the time, AskPaulinaGirls was a club for anyone who was having troubles in real life and people would just go there to spill out their feelings, I wasn’t great with advice so I tried not post as much. Clubs these days, remind me of tribes. Each club has some sort of hate towards each other, which I don’t really understand but I find it hilarious when they have “invasions”.

I don’t post on clubs as much as I did before, I did post on APG quite frequently until it was deleted but nowadays I stick to Stardoll Royalty. Simply because there are no attention seekers or drama queens, everyone is really civil and nice towards one another. Sure it my not be that active as other clubs but the members there are really nice. I don’t think people join Stardoll Royalty for the club, but really for the diamond- which is a shame. There’s only a small group of about 20 members who post regularly while the other 9,000 don’t really post.

I know many old members say this on Stardoll, but I had dreamt of winning some kind of award on Stardoll e.g. Covergirl, Scenery Winner, Catwalk winner etc. for such a long time. I gave up on the entire idea long ago, because now you have to either spend thousands of Stardollars or be featured on the Catwalk Top 10 list or Hottest Design List.

I’ve only recently won National Covergirl, with help from the Catwalk. Never did I actually believe that I had achieved something on Stardoll. Just by looking at my latest visitors list, I knew how many people had to vote for you in order to win National Covergirl. I couldn’t imagine how many votes you would need to win in order to win Covergirl, but I honestly don’t think it’s that worth it. My guestbook was spammed constantly with people advertising their sales and I had received so many friend requests in one day. People spend thousands of Stardollars just for all this hectic mess?

Just recently a UK National Covergirl has won, although she had not been online for a week. She didn’t have the best looking Doll and she had hardly any decorations in her Suite, so I was amazed on how she got all those votes to become National Covergirl. People were being really cruel in telling her in her Guestbook that she didn’t deserve NCG, I was really glad that during my time nobody said anything of the sort to me.

If I look back on my early stages on Stardoll, I was really naive and I believed everything that I seen in Stardoll blogs- I thought that was the way I should be on Stardoll. Have lot’s of rares, attend those Guestbook parties and make a blog of my own. Thankfully those thoughts vanished when I realised that I could do my own thing on Stardoll and make my mark somewhere without having to be some sort of a Stardoll stereotype.

I hope people don’t think that because I’m a Stardoll Royalty member that I’m some kind of snob, or because I always say I’m busy with projects on Youtube and the blog that I won’t reply to messages and friend requests. I’ll always have the time to do all that because why would I ignore the people who are supporting me? I’m a normal teenager, I don’t think I ever get too big for my boots and when I say “I really appreciate it”, I really do mean it. I’ve been through a lot on Stardoll, and I’ve actually learnt a couple of life lessons on here (Surprisingly enough). I know I may criticise Stardoll frequently, and then some troll comes along and says:

If you’re saying all these bad things, then leave.

(With bad spelling and punctuation).

But really it’s despite these small things that annoy me I’ll still carry on logging into Stardoll whenever I can. I suppose I am an addict, and that’s something that will wear off one day as I grow older. Stardoll has always been there for me since I was 10 years old, and I guess that’s why I’ll probably never let go.

I’ve met so many lovely people on Stardoll, a big difference from the hooligans I see in school 5 times a week. I also meet the most irritating pack of immature kids on Stardoll almost every time I log but I just grit my teeth and leave them be, as I was like that once. Always criticising other blogs, when deep down inside I was slightly jealous. With hard work, determination and patience (I needed a lot, 2 years!) I’ve finally reached my goal of where I’ve wanted to be for so long. I can now spell, edit and record videos, make half-decent posts and I’ve also learnt how the human nature of some beings work,  just by looking at past experiences online with different individuals.

I don’t make create videos or type articles because I want to be a journalist or make-up artist when I’m older. I do this ultimately because it’s fun, and if you can do that whilst helping people online then I don’t think I should stop. I find it entertaining to read what some immature twat has said on an old video of mine, or just to read other people’s thoughts on different topics on Stardoll. I don’t know what my future career will be possibly a Psychologist. Stardoll is just a way to bring out my creative side, sometimes Art and Music in school isn’t enough for me.

I’ve never told people in real life what I actually do online i.e. the Blog and Youtube because I’d know they laugh and think I’m such a weird kid. Although I don’t see it as any different to the amount of things all my classmates play on Call of Duty (Xbox and PS3 Game) except that I actually do other things outside of the website with my Blog and Youtube.

Stardoll hasn’t taken over my life in any way at all – or my social life- as I never think about it when I’m at school or with friends, it only drifts into my mind when I see I’ve got an e-mail on my Blackberry or when I start-up my laptop. When people tell me in some troll comment:

“You have no life”

(With bad spelling and punctuation)

I just ignore it, they don’t know me in real life so who are they to judge whether or not what makes a “life”.

I get lots of people asking me what my real name is and even people ask for a real life picture (which really creeps me out) and I always say no. That’s getting far too personal for me. I already tell strangers online a lot of personal information about myself so why would I give everyone the whole can? That poser this summer really scared me, I didn’t realise how much I had given away to everyone, how easy someone who steal my identity (but they did a terrible job). That’s why I’m very careful on what I give away, that person might come back one day and do the entire impersonation thing all over again.

I hope in this post that people understand why I see things on Stardoll they way I do because of all my past experiences. I didn’t want to add any situations that were quite recent as I’d already made long articles out of those topics and I don’t see the need to re-write everything again.

I guess I’ve been almost every type of Stardoll member you could possibly have. From a “noob”, to a club member, a Wannabe, a Blogger, desperate Rare collector, what people classify me as Stardoll Youtube “Make-up Artist”, I’ve been hacked and scammed (on frequent occasions), I’ve been a Non-Superstar, Superstar and now Stardol Royalty etc. and I think that’s where I can sympathise with almost everyone because most likely, I’ve been in your position during my spell on Stardoll.

I don’t know how long I’ll carry on with Stardoll, but I hope it doesn’t end any time soon.



P.S. I’ll add pictures and videos later on.



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18 responses to “My Four Years on [Lel1996’s Journey]

  1. Check out my blog and help me accomplish my goals. I post about my story as it happens, no BS or anything just pure info and I post about the real world and concepts I make up.

    You have a similar blog, maybe we can chat sometimes.

  2. Your story is so interesting. You really have come along way.
    I was googling your medoll’s name since I had forgotten the URL to this blog and Google had already suggested it for me as I was typing! You are just becoming bigger and bigger.

    BTW, can I ask when you are ending the Stardoll story contest? I already sent you the link to mine, but here it is again, in case you don’t have it anymore:


  3. Wow lel, this is great! Before when you said you’d been hacked, I didn’t exactly know that you had a scuba and other rares. Now I know why you feel so strongly about it. I can’t truly understand, because I’ve never been hacked (why the heck would someone hack me? xD) but it must feel terrible. You’ve really bounced back though, and I congratulate you on that 🙂 can’t wait to read more tehehe ^_^

  4. WOW!

    No I feel like I should have written more lol

  5. Pingback: 2 Year Youtube Anniversary! « Lel1996's Stardoll Blog

  6. Thank you ^-^. Thankfully I’ve finished the entire post!
    Wow really? I’ll need to try that out for myself lol ;).
    I’m not ending it until I’ve uploaded all the entries so that other people who want to join can, thanks for the link again I was scared I’d lost it.

  7. Aw Thanks :3.
    I’m sure I mentioned it somewhere on an old post, but it’s all behind me now.
    Hackers will hack any account as long as you’ve got some sort of Stardollars and any old clothes, you’re so lucky to have never gone through that whole ordeal. I think it’s really rare not to have once been hacked on Stardoll ;).
    I’ve finished typing it all now, although I may add bits and bobs later on, but I’ve got to add snapshots and videos.
    Oh I forgot to mention, I’m following your blog ^-^.

  8. You’re article was perfect, I just have a lot to say since it’s been 4 years lol ;).

  9. Yeah – luckily I had never really run into any scams when I was younger. I was so gullible that I probably would have fallen for the password scams and such. I usually tried the stupid ones that were “Post this in 10 guestbooks and 4 clubs, log out, press F5 and log back in and you’ll have 3000 stardollars! It works!!”
    I was stupid enough to try it. Obviously it didn’t work xD.
    Oh and I saw that you had started following me! I was in total shock and awe know that I had a follower, let alone it was Lel! xD Thank you, I really appreciate it 😀

  10. OMG! I am just…IN AWWW! I cant beleive how far you have come.(4 years).Squidward22 really needs to be ounished for her action(bad girl!).Well anyway go to my page!ADD ME!!(I did send you a request).OHHH and by the way my username is what I put for my name!

  11. Whait a minute… You mean to tell me that ugly beast squidward22 hacked you?!! HE/SHE is ugly..So he/she hacked you in 2007?Because thats when he/she joined?If anyone wants to see what he/she looks like just copy and paste the following link!——->

    And if you want to know what I look like follow this link———->

  12. Yup she hacked me in 2008 =/.

  13. Wow you really inspier me! Even though it was alot of reading! LOL! And I completly understand why you want more people to read your blog, I wouldnt call you names because you do want people to. I really like how you get over how people treated you in the past. You are a really good person. But I dont understand why someone hacked you, like I know they are hateful but gosh. Well anyway really good story. =D

  14. I was wondering if you could help me with my blog? I need help with the design on it… I dont really understand how it all works. :/

  15. Carissa

    Dude. I think this is one of the best blogs entries I’ve seen O.O Now I’m tellign you the truth :O – torri896


    this is honestly one of the most meaningful, in depth things ive ever read… i love it. this seriously makes me realize how real and down to earth you are. i admire you so much after reading this.

    dont ever change!
    — iBECHELSEA (my stardoll username)

  17. I think you are an inspiration and your blog is incredible!

  18. @Maria

    You are incredibly sweet x3 thank you very much!

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