New Superstar Hairstyles

All the Superstar Hairstyles:

Here are all the Hairstyles on my Medoll and my little comment on each and every one.

I feel and look like Cousin It. It’s such a lovely hairstyle but it comes far too low on the Medoll, so I had to change my eyes just so you could see the peak of them. Stardoll should let us raise the Hairstyle higher.

I like how they added crimps into the straight hair. It’s nice but not my favourite.

My favourite out of all the other hairstyles. I just love the messy side-ponytail with the fringe, I wear that in real life all the time.

It reminds me of the 9500 Starpoint hairstyle with the braids around the side of the head and a long side-ponytail. It has to be my second favourite.

Also another hairstyle with braids. My third favourite.

Very extravagant. It actually doesn’t look too bad, perfect hairstyle for a Lolita styled outfit.

When I first saw it I hated it, but I’ve seen other people wear it on their own Medolls and it actually looks okay.

I love the idea of wind-swept hair, I can’t wait to use this hairstyle. It’s my favourite short Superstar hairstyle.

It’s very punk-ish. I don’t think I’ll ever wear this hairstyle as it’s not what I’d usually wear but it will be great for Youtube tutorials.

This hairstyle has been used on the Mannequins in Starplaza and it looked great, but now I see it on my own Medoll there’s something that I’m not really fond of and I can’t place my finger on it.

Everyone is hoping new Lips will be coming to our Beauty Parlor’s, so I hope that they’re for everyone and not just Superstars. Wouldn’t it be weird having Medoll features with a big Golden Star on them?





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3 responses to “New Superstar Hairstyles

  1. I like the one’s with a fringe (the one with the ponytail and the one with the crimps) as well as the one that reminds me of the 9500sp haristyle 😀

  2. lacy

    i love the crimps and the punk one but the ones they used on mannequins are different, they are much better though i wish they would have used those. (pooh that limited edition stuff sucked the money off of me i feel poor)

  3. NARISHA300

    My favourite is the one with the fringe and side pony tail.Finally new hairstyles!!