New Starplaza Store- An OtherWorld

It’s so pretty!

The store isn’t that expensive, but there are lots of items so if you were to buy the whole entire set it might be very costly. The fantasia-inspired outfits looks amazing, I am in love with the Waist White Roses and both of the Sheer Body Suits but really Stardoll, I’m sure everyone can agree that we want those hairstyles!

The Suite Decorations are gorgeous, although I wish we could see them in SuiteShop so it would be easier to see them in full-scale but it’s great for Non-Suite Decorators like myself as all the pieces of Decor fit together and you can complete a whole entire room with only the Other World Decor.

Only bad point I can say is, trust Stardoll to bring out such a lovely store the day after Limited Edition . .




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One response to “New Starplaza Store- An OtherWorld

  1. It pretty much all SS D:

    Oh well. I wanna wait to buy the interior in case there is a glitch or something lol xD

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