Winter 2010 Limited Edition is Released!

It was an okay collection, not the best.

I bought 12 items, although the 2 main items I wanted to buy – the black and white strapless dress and the Black Fur Shrug/Cardigan were the first items sold out but hopefully I can buy them in Starbazaar once they are sellable.

The most expensive item was the Exposed Zip Hero Bodycon at $250 Stardollars while the cheapest was the Feather Shoulder Collar at $35 Stardollars.

The graphics are really improving with Limited Edition and I liked the theme of Black, Red, White and Purple although I’d prefer if there were more skirts and accessories than lots of dresses.

Sorry if I haven’t been posting as I said I would, I wasn’t expecting National Covergirl and I had to do a couple of things for an hour. It took me over an hour to reply to 7 pages of my guestbook, I always have a policy of returning people’s votes so I think that took up the majority of my time. I still have to accept all the 200+ Friend Requests, which will be a fun task.

I will be hopefully posting tomorrow, I’m not going to start working on my Northern Lights tutorial until Friday or the weekend.





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4 responses to “Winter 2010 Limited Edition is Released!

  1. I’m not a huge fan of them.
    When I saw them in spoilers I didn’t see what was so great about them.

  2. Yeah I get what you mean,
    Sometimes I just buy LE just for the label. I really regret buying all those items because I know I’ll never wear half of them =L.
    It wasn’t the strongest collection.

  3. joel

    i got loads of the winter LE i have 13 items im in stardoll vote me 5/5 plz tell me wat u voted me

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