Lel1996 10th on Catwalk 15/11/10


This is biggest achievement I’ve ever received on Stardoll. Seriously. I would say my Youtube Channel and Blog but that’s not on Stardoll.com.

I have no idea how it happened, or who voted for me at all, I’m just happy. I thought it was weird how I was receiving so many views in a couple of minutes. I usually receive a couple of views every hour, but this is something new.

I haven’t been swamped by comments or friend requests, it’s same as usual. But Stardoll gave me 10 free Stardollars for being 10th on Catwalk.

The only time Stardoll have ever given me anything free was when I was one of the winners for the DKNY Bicycle Contest.





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3 responses to “Lel1996 10th on Catwalk 15/11/10

  1. Nora Grey

    Do you remember what time did you save your medoll in your album?

  2. @Nora

    Sadly not. I was placed on the Catwalk well over a year ago.

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