Whatever happened to Stardoll.tom.com?


I heard somewhere that it was hacked by 4chan. But somehow I think if it was hacked, the people behind the project would have sorted it by now. I seen this about 2 months ago, but I never said anything as I thought the website had moved to another web address of some sort. But I wonder what it means by “It works!”, a hacking programme?

For those who do not know, Stardoll.tom.com was what members used to call “The Chinese Stardoll”. It was all in Chinese, you could get the rarest clothes on our version on Stardoll for only 7 Stardollars on tom.com. The highest starpointer only had 4000 Starpoints, very low compared to KeiraV’s 10,000 at the time.





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12 responses to “Whatever happened to Stardoll.tom.com?

  1. Can you still play it now?

  2. No I don’t think so =S
    Such a shame because it seemed so much better than the ordinary Stardoll.

  3. Anonymous

    como me registro si dice funcina uy tanto lo comentan por q eres ss con solo entra

  4. It may have been so well hacked by some /b/tards that the administrators could do nothing about their site anymore. Trust me. They are capable of destroying any website.
    Even though I don’t know why they didn’t go for the original. They’ve taken down habbo and one of gaiaonline’s forums.

  5. Anonymous

    i loved the ed website and the games but sum b/ hacked it and if i find out who i am going to give them a piece of my mind =p

  6. hh

    it also had everyone superstar on it !!!
    i wished it could work till now !

  7. Well the stardoll (USA)version’s creator, ad some chinese billionaire guy; TOM, decided together, that they could create a chinese version of stardoll, (which worked out very well.). the USA stardoll creator got really mad, because TOM made his chinese version of stardoll very successful. ex: when you made an account for STARDOLL.TOM.COM, it would give you an automatic membership (superstar membership), FOR FREE! so people liked it wayyyy better ’cause they didn’t have to pay anything. So the USA stardoll creator decided to stop Tom’s business, directly stopping all users AND tom, to play on the site right at that second. Yeah, its really sad. And then, TOM was allowed to post something on his website…”IT WORKS!”

  8. @Shortgirl12345girl

    I thought tom.com was actually like a multi-media site? I don’t know about your sources, but I can imagine a difference between Stardoll themselves and the owners of tom.com’s version. They did give away first season DKNY items and the Dirty Dancing dress for about 15 stardollars.

    People just kind of assumed it was hacked by people in the 4chan forums. Oh well guess we’ll never know. Thanks for sending in your share of the story (:

  9. It is still like that,2 yrs later and it says it works…Wtf how strange!

  10. @coolytinno2

    Yeah I’m surprised no-one has taken the site down altogether or even provided an explanation to its closure.

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