Stardoll Article Competition Update

I know lots of people have asked me to add more Code Competitions, and I just have but with an average of over 500-600 views everyday I’ve only got a small number of people wanting to participate. Thanks.

I think it might be helpful if I re-release the competition after I have posted mines (on November 21st), to let people have an idea of what I’m looking for.
UPDATE: I think that’s what I’m going to do. You can still sign up on the link provided below

I think this will be the last Code Competition or competition in general I’ll host, why should I go through all the bother to organise a competition where I’m handing out my own money just for nothing? I suppose lots of people participated in the make-up competition because it would only take 10-20 minutes. Where as this you think you need to write out an English Essay, that’s not what I want.

Thanks to the girls who are taking part, I’m glad you appreciate my time.

Here’s the link if people can actually be bothered:

I know it’s only been 3 days since I’ve released the competition, but it just amazes me that I get over 500 people reading my blog everyday,  yet I’ve only got a handful who will sign up.

On the note of my Youtube competition I haven’t given out any of the prizes yet, due to the fact that nobody has told me what gifts they want and we’re having complications with the code and I can’t buy an item off of Starbazaar. Hopefully this will all be sorted out soon.

UPDATE: Aussi.Jem is now a Superstar, MissClaire1994x has received her Stardollars and I’ve bought all the contestants 19 Stardollars worth of gifts. I’ve spent 104 Stardollars and £5. I haven’t given Homecutiex her gifts yet as she hasn’t been online for a month! I wasn’t really looking to spend so much, so I’m looking forward to the next competition as it will be much less hassle.



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  1. Can we like still participate?

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