Stardoll Medoll Changes Coming Soon? Winking Medolls?

I was just around Stardoll when I seen this advertisement for the new jewellery for the Splendid store in Starplaza:

I know the nose and mouth are in our Medoll Editor (I used the same features for my Disney tutorial) and with the Medoll Editor survey asking about adding new features, will this be the future of our Medolls?

It seems strange that Stardoll have released this exotic flower/insect jewelerry collection, considering that in the North Hemi-sphere -where the majority of Stardoll members live- is in the winter/autumn season. Did Stardoll want to bring some Summer sunshine into our online lives? Did they think it was all becoming dark and gothic after the Fallen Angel Collections? Just something that confuses me.

I wouldn’t mind winking Medolls, I’m sure I suggested that on a Stardoll Royalty topic. It would be great if our Medolls would wave or wink if someone clicked on our suite. As a Hi or a “Hello Welcome to My Suite” message.





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2 responses to “Stardoll Medoll Changes Coming Soon? Winking Medolls?

  1. reneeangel1012

    Yeah,that would be cool if we could wink when someone enters out suite…but,they would probably make it superstar -.-

  2. maria

    oyununu istiyorum

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