300 Thousand Views on Youtube and Updates on Lel

I didn’t realise I had reached 300,000 Overall views on Youtube until two days ago and I forgot to post the snapshot here:

Thank you to everyone who watches my videos and subscribes. It really means so much to me, I put a lot of effort into my videos and I’m glad that in the end, people enjoy and learn from them. I will be posting my Behind the Scenes soon, once I get started on my next tutorial (hopefully tomorrow).

I have to say sorry for the lack of posts, but I hope the blogging competition keeps everyone occupied for the time being, I know people want more competitions so I really want people to take part in this. As I said before, if I get a very small response I’ll just close an end to it and I’ll save my next code for myself.

I’ve got a lot of rude comments lately, I feel a rant coming soon once they all tip me over the edge. Also a few members have been asking about my real name, I really don’t see why that’s relevant at all. I know people are curious but I wish they would respect my privacy, this is the internet and nobody is safe. The Lel1995 situation really made me think about giving away personal details, even though they did the most terrible job of impersonating me.

I’m not sure what else I have planned, after my Fireworks tutorial I will be making this blog my number one priority and also the competition.

On topic of the competition, I will be glad to give pointers and tips to everybody. It won’t be me who will be judging your entries so I can help as much as I want. I won’t write any of your entry, I could just read over your article and tell you what I think of it and what I think you should do to improve it.

I know some people don’t like writing long essays or anything of the sort, but I’m giving away a code and I think if I’m going to give it away for nothing people should earn it.

I will be writing my own article, as I mentioned before. It will be great fun just to talk about the good old days and I have a lot to say about everything that’s happened to me over the past 4 years.

Writing rants and long articles really makes you reflect on our online society, it’s much more than a dress-up site for tweens and teenagers. If it wasn’t, then I don’t think I’d post any rants at all.

I’m not sure if I’ll have a code competition every month, we’ll see how this competition goes and I’ll see how many people actually want to participate and then think about the future of it all. I don’t mind rewarding readers but if I do have any other competitions, such as- I choose one dress and everyone has to make an outfit- then there will not be a high prize such as a code. Simply because I do not feel that creating an outfit (no matter how beautiful it is) really deserves my £5 so I’ll probably give out 10-15 Stardollars. Where as writing an article, where you reflect upon yourself and thing surrounding you, truly deserves to be rewarded.




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