Stardoll Blogging Code Competition!

So with the release of my Results for my Youtube competition, I have decided to start the blogging competition now just so that people who missed the chance to participate in my last competition, now can. Or the people who missed out on winning a prize can have a second chance.

Unlike my Youtube Contest- there is only one prize for this competition. (I may change my mind through later stages). Which is 1 Month Superstar Membership and  200 Stardollars.

This time, instead of me judging all of the entries, I will upload a Poll where everyone can vote for their favourite entry and the person with the most votes will win!

This is to celebrate my Youtube anniversary (23rd of November 2008) and my Stardoll Anniversary (21st of November 2006). It depends how many people want to take part, but I will announce the winner in late November.

For this competition you need to submit an article, just like anyone of my rants but on the topic of “Through my Stardoll Journey” (doesn’t matter, you can come up with your own title). This article is about your time through Stardoll including any dramatic moments, highs and lows, special moments etc. Just anything on Stardoll that you have experienced. You can also include your thoughts and feelings about certain topics on Stardoll, such as “Non Superstar and Superstar” “Rares and Hotbuys” and many more. You can structure this article any way you want, a timeline? What is most important to you? It’s your choice (you can think up your own structure)!

You can also include snapshots of Stardoll. You can copy and paste snapshots I’ve posted here on this blog or any other blog but make sure you give credit or you can create your own snapshots. You can experiment with Fonts and symbols and jazz things up. Just do anything to your heart’s content!

You don’t have to be the best at English, I just want to hear your own experiences and thoughts and feelings about Stardoll. I will check over grammar/spelling errors before I post your article, but it’s best to check yourself.

If you are interested or have any questions, comment below, in my Stardoll Guestbook or in my Stardoll Mail.

Just to make this clear, you will not send me your e-mail through Stardoll Mail, but through a usual e-mail. If you’re not comfortable in sharing your personal e-mail address with me (not like I’m going to do anything with it) then you can easily create another e-mail account which only takes 3 minutes.

I hope people take part, if I don’t many responses I will just cancel the competition altogether.

Superstars and Non-Superstars are welcome, doesn’t matter. When the Poll is opened, I will allow you to recommend friends to vote by sending the link. Any bribing of any sort, you’ll be disqualified.

I hope people enjoy this competition more than my Youtube contest as you can express your creativity and I know a lot of my readers enjoy my rants so I want to give everybody a chance to voice out their opinion. Your article doesn’t need to be long like a massive English Essay, just as long as you get your message across. You can write this article up on your normal e-mail account and I will give you my e-mail address to send your article to, once your finished.

I will post my own article on the 21st of November to mark my 4 year anniversary on Stardoll, although I’m not taking part in the competition. I don’t have a deadline for the competition as of yet, I just need to wait and see if people are willing to participate.

If you want example of the type of article I’m looking for check out these posts (I had a competition last year which included something similar to this) but your article slightly more about your experiences and your time on Stardoll:

If you participated in any of my previous competitions or won any prizes, feel free to join this contest as well. It will not be me that will be judging you, but my blog readers.








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25 responses to “Stardoll Blogging Code Competition!

  1. Jessesgirl72

    I deff want a part of this! Thanks Lel for the chance! :] Does it matter how long it is btw?

  2. i’m entering 🙂 ! x

  3. i’ve put my post up 🙂 x

  4. Thanks for posting so early, I wasn’t expecting that at all =L.
    I’m going to post all the entries here as soon as I get a list of user-names.
    You could use this time to improve your piece? I think it’s great, only tip I could give is to maybe add more personal feelings and also to add where the future may lead? Like what would you aspire to be on stardoll, more rares? More experience with make-up? More friends etc.

  5. I’m glad to hear people actually want to take part!
    No problem, I just want to reward my readers for everything.
    No it doesn’t at all, but if you just post 2 small paragraphs then it’s obvious you haven’t worked hard on it. Just write as much as you can- or what you think is a good length. After it’s not me who’s going to be judging 😉

  6. I’m entering.
    Can I do a video talking about my stardoll life?

  7. It’s a great idea but I would really prefer it to be an article. My last competiton was about Make-up looks on Youtube (videos) where I want this to be more about blogging and writing.

  8. okay, I’ll write on my StarBlog and you visit me tomorrow to see it, my doll is Carolildes. Just tomorrow!

  9. I have posted on my StarBlog, visit my StarBlog on Stardoll, my doll is Carolildes

  10. Queenda

    I Dont Get It …Should I Do It On Word Or Something ?

  11. Queenda

    ( Entered Email Address )

  12. Visit me again, cuz I has completed what I was writing on my blog

  13. Sorry Lel, I hasn’t completed all on my StarBlog, the complete post is in my blog:

  14. You can do it in an e-mail, just create a new one and save it as a draft until I actually release it on the 21st of Novmber where I will give out the e-mail address to send it to =)

  15. Thanks for your entry Esmee ^-^
    Amazing, exactly what I was looking for, I’ve changed the competition- after I post mines on the 21st of November- I’ll start uploading all the posts.
    I think you had a great chance of winning, you could use this time to improve it but I can’t think of any pointers to give to you =L

  16. Thanks Lel and I’ll try to make some changes when I look over it. ^.^

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  18. I shall start now 😉

    THANK YOU for this WONDERFUL opportunity!

  19. Is there an e-mail I send it to?

  20. I’ve created a new blog to post it:

    🙂 Hope you like it!

  21. Thanks for sending in the article ^-^.
    It was just what I was looking for ;).
    I don’t really have anything to say that you can improve on lol.

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