Do people not understand?

I know people have been waiting patiently for my Results for the Code Competition.Thank you all for doing so. But some people just don’t understand why it’s been delayed for so long, and it just irritates me. Do people actually know how long it takes to make one of my videos (including publishing)?

I am a normal teenager, not an adult. I go to school every weekday, not home-schooled. I have other things to do in the real world than Stardoll, there is such a thing as School exams and Piano and Bass Guitar tuition. Do people actually think I go on Stardoll for the whole day? May be in the holidays when I’m bored out of my mind, but definitely not now when I’m back  at school.

I’m sorry for all the delay, first it was because I didn’t have the names of some of the winners, then my computer decided to die on me and I lost everything and now it was because of my Maths project.

I put a lot of my time and dedication into my Youtube videos, do some people assume that I just click my fingers and it all edits magically? Subtitles usually take me 45 minutes to an hour to create. I have to figure out where the action takes place, write it up, place it at the bottom of the screen, change the colour of the text, give it an outline and shadow so you can see it and then shorten the length. All this process, for one mere subtitle. Then I need to download songs, re-record clips if I’m not happy with it, go on Photoshop and start making the Inspiration picture and the other picture with the make-up looks. And there are lots of other things I have to do.

I cannot wait until I finally post my Behind The Scenes post, so then people won’t take my tutorials for granted. It just irritates me so much when people think I’m too lazy to post up my tutorials. I’m busy, I have other things to do. I know yesterday I should have started editing the Results video but one of these days I’m going to pass out of exhaustion, I’m still recovering from that 19 hour publishing episode of the Disney video, is having a one day break too much to ask from everyone?




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