My apologies

Sorry I did not post today, I took a one day break from the laptop. I’m just online now to reply to messages but I’ll be offline in a couple of minutes. Surprisingly enough, nothing much happened today except the Garden Variety collection, which I will post about tomorrow. Tomorrow I will start editing my Results video. Depends how long it is and how long it will publish- but I would hopefully like it to be uploaded by Thursday. I wanted a Firework tutorial (for 5th of November) but it will have to wait for now. After I have uploaded the winner results I will announce the Blog Code Competition for everyone, I hope people take part.

Thanks for bearing with me at the moment. I think if I went on Stardoll today it would have driven me to the point of insanity as I’m still recovering from that 19 hour Publishing of that Disney video. I still need to catch up with Mortal Kiss and write a review, which will be coming out soon. I’m still on chapter 44 😉






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2 responses to “My apologies

  1. I just got this Red lace dress as a gift from stardoll check it out @ , because idk how i even got it i just got it as a gift my medoll is modeling it atm

  2. I think it’s for Stardoll Royalty members. I stupidly bought it on Starbazaar for 3SD when I could easily got it myself =/

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