New Youtube Video- Stardoll Disney Princess Tutorial

It’s finally here after all the blood, pain, sweat and tears. I hope everyone’s expectations weren’t high. I know there are a few spelling errors and subtitles are placed where they shouldn’t be, but creating subtitles is the most tiring process of it all and drains the life out of me. I now need to start on my Results video which should be released before Thursday, fingers crossed. I don’t have any video plans after that, I guess I’m just going to “wing-it” and see what happens, but if I am lost of ideas, then I may as well create an other Halloween video. I do have Snow Queen/Princess and Seasonal Make-up planned but I hopefully will start creating them in December. But Guy Fawkes night is coming up, in 4 days, so I might work on an idea surrounding Fireworks. See how I type what I’m thinking on the dot? This is what happens when you have nothing planned.

On an extra note, I am going to catch up with Mortal Kiss and write a review. So stay tuned for that folks ;). Sorry that I did not post a Behind the Scenes like I promised, I was so determined about finishing the video that I forgot to take snapshots along the way. I will post a Behind the Scenes soon, once I start on my next tutorial (after the Results), hopefully it will be Fireworks based- if I can finish it before 5th of November.




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One response to “New Youtube Video- Stardoll Disney Princess Tutorial

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Lel, I was wondering if you could make a post on how to get more starpoints? Im almost at 4,000 and I really want to get there but the only way I can get 10 points is buying stardollars or superstar. So what are other ways?

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