Harajuku Stardoll Interior- Barcode Issue

So I recently purchased a Harajuku perfume just to take away the stress of my broken laptop. Half of the perfumes smelt like hairspray (I’m being honest here) but I smelt the Love perfume and it smelt so lovely like berries so I had to buy it! It only cost £20, not a lot of perfume in the bottle it’s mainly for the little dolly. Here’s a picture I took of my perfume:

Please don’t be an idiot and think I got this off the internet, if I did how could I have got my interior?

People have been cheekily asking me for my Barcode and offering 5 mere Stardollars for it. Even if someone did offer me a bunch of stardollars, it’s hardly likely I would accept. I got the interior after I spent my own money on the perfume and I’m not letting some immature people think that I’ll give them it. As much as I like to help people, I don’t even think the code would work since I have already used it. If they wanted it that badly, go to Boots and buy it yourself instead of scrounging off of other people.

I’ve been in search for a good perfume for a long time, I’ve always wanted Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb after I went to a department store and the assistants gave out cool paper fans as testers, but I showed my Best Friend and she bought it instead and uses it 24/7 so I didn’t want to buy it. Yes the fact that I could receive something free on Stardoll was one of the factors I bought the perfume, but I love the little dollies and it fits right in with my collection of Kokeshi’s and Momiji’s (Japanese dolls- Google it).

I should really add that to my Annoying list . . The code must be invalid after I have used it, I’m not even going to try because I know so.





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17 responses to “Harajuku Stardoll Interior- Barcode Issue

  1. riley

    oh i am bummed i have lost my barcode and nobody will give there’s out on the iternet! o well 😦

  2. i no the bar code hahahahahahaahaha

  3. margarita


  4. xlaaavex

    cool. nice. japan. or Tokyo. my fav..

  5. lacy

    where do you put in the barcode?

  6. On the presentation of the Harajuku Club.

  7. relly it dosn’t work give me the right one

  8. fucking liar tell us the new flaming idoit

  9. I’m not the “idoit” here, because at least I can spell the word Idiot properly.
    Can I ask where did I ever lie?
    You’re comment makes no sense whatsoever. Go take your filthy trodden mouth elsewhere.

  10. sabah

    al least you told us that u had one and it wont work if we try it cuz u have already used it. she is not an idiot. She is not gonna get anuva 1 just to impress u mimi!!!

  11. It’s really strange. When I first got my code and used it I then make a new account to try it again but nothing happed and an Error appeared so I assumed that it had become invalid. But blogs started posting some codes and they all worked for everyone o.o

  12. rachh

    your so selfish and self loving………

  13. You’re*
    Wow, you should stop making judgements on people you don’t know online because they womy give you a meaningless code for a virtual website.

  14. caoimhe

    ya watever ur so posh and u think that everyone lluvs u lol ur sooo pathetic

  15. AliceIzzy454

    Lel all those things people say are really stupid because they would never say it to your face – NEVER! And most of those people are probably 9 year olds thinking they can boss people around, now that IS pathetic!

  16. @AliceIzzy454

    I know. Not like I haven’t dealt with these types of kids before.