Busy Busy Busy

UPDATE: Almost took me my entire evening to download my Video Editor again. I have recorded 3 of the disney princesses and I have another 3 to record, but it won’t take me long.

So if some of you have read my previous posts, you would know I’ve had to reset my laptop hard disk drive. Basically means I’ve lost all my files and programmes.

I have only downloaded Google Chrome and my screen recorder and I really need my Video Editor back before I start making tutorials again, but it’s a tiring process because I need to download Microsoft Service packs to re-download my Video Editor.

I was hoping to release the results this week but it looks doubtful. I made a graphic but that’s gone, I made video clips of everyones tutorials but they’re gone and my Video Editor hasn’t downloaded yet. I’m going back to school tomorrow after a 2 week break and for Maths I have to create a video presentation on the life of David Hilbert for this coming Friday, so that will be my priority for the now.
My birthday is next Sunday (for those who do not know- Halloween) so I won’t be working on Stardoll projects then.

My laptop just had to crash at the month I need it most! I have yet to re-install my graphics tablet, so that means no Halloween graphics for now. I’m just hoping that I can post the code results sometime soon as I know people are tired of waiting.

I may as well just post it here to get it over and done with. I hope people wouldn’t mind, would youy rather wait 2 weeks for it to appear in video form?

I also need to re-start my Disney Princess tutorial, I had everything but now it’s all gone.

I hope to start some work on Monday, but I’ve got school and Bass and Piano tution to go to as well. It’s all just so busy!

I wish time would pause for a moment just so I can catch up.


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