Things That Annoy Me on Stardoll [Part 2]

I thoroughly enjoyed writing up my Thing That Annoy Me on Stardoll post this summer so I thought I may as well created Part 2 today since I have nothing better to do. I was supposed to be uploading my Results of my Code Competition, but I need to wait for people to reply their Stardoll user-names as I stupidly didn’t ask for them before the competition closed. I hope they mail me back soon, as I need to create a big graphic of all the winners together and edit my video.

Also some of the things I will talk about are not on Stardoll, but outside of Stardoll.


This makes me feel sick:

I know this is a complete joke, you would not talk to a stranger on the internet about your little sister’s friend “being hit by a car” or talking about a close family member in hospital. Not in my books anyway. If any of her statements were true, I don’t think she would be on Stardoll, and she should be supporting her family and especially her little sister rather than helping some friend on a virtual site. This isn’t the first time the same person has asked me for my account:

Do people not know Beauty Parlor exists, where you can apply my own make-up on my own doll without going into my my account. It’s been like that for over a year now. And if this person’s friend was a Stardoll lover, they would know that. I have no idea what her Stardoll user-name is and only her Youtube account, but what a silly girl. That’s like me sending to someone

“Hi, I’m not a hacker or anything! Can I have your password, now please?”

I’m not even going to do an example mentioning some sick sob story as that is just morally wrong. Why would you say such things on the internet? Claiming that people have been in any accident or be in any sorry state just so someone will give them their password for a virtual website. It’s sad what people will do for Stardoll account now, and it’s getting sickening by the minute. This girl will probably send me another message next month, another terrible accident may have happened or the world’s going to end.

2. Stardoll Moderating

We all know that Stardoll moderate out guestbooks comments, club posts etc. but it gets frustrating when you didn’t even say anything wrong.

I was meant to type I think I’ll as in “I will”. But if you ever spell the word Kill on Stardoll they mark it off. I remember I tried to spell the word Skill and they moderated it. So all you have to do is instead of typing the two L’s, just use capital i’s. No-one will know 😉


I think some members of Stardoll get more immature by the days ago. So I was on a Stardoll Club (not naming which one for reasons) and this actually happened, or else I wouldn’t be talking about it. Well on one of their discussions there were saying some pretty nasty things about a “famous” Stardoll member. Not an “elite” (gosh, I hate using that word) or anybody who Blogs etc. but almost everybody knows who she is. Anyways these girls kept posting things like:

“Ugh. Her Medoll is Fugly. She needs a makeover real bad”

“What 20-year-old goes on Stardoll?”

“Why do people like her, she a b***h”

“She doesn’t talk to anyone, so why does everyone pay so much attention to her?”

I’m not going to post an actual snapshot I took, because then people would know what club it was and it would be the Guide Around Stardoll all over again.

These girls had over 40 posts in this discussion. It just seemed a bunch of immature jealous girls having a big rant together. They called her Medoll ugly, when (in my opinion) half of them couldn’t even talk, I think the girl’s Medoll is unique and who are they to judge whether or not a Virtual Face is pretty or not? Yes everybody has freedom of speech but you should not judge or talk about somebody in a bad way if you have never been in touch with them and especially if they have done nothing wrong.

I don’t get why people what to have a go at some people, just because they have received some amount of attention some way or another. Yes, if the person does seem sort of drama queen/attention seeker that you see in Gossip Blogs 24/7 then may be, just may be- you might get a little ticked off. But when some person, does nothing wrong at all and receives attention for the right reasons then why talk about them in such a way? Just immature girls on the internet confuse me.

Also they were talking about her because she is in her twenties. There are a lot of older people on this website, not just this one person. If Stardoll were full of tweens, do you think they would even bother to create re-creations of Designer clothing? I don’t think so. Not many under 11’s I know are into Designer Labels etc. and there would be no substance on Stardoll whatsoever.

Yes Stardoll may seem a bit childish at first, just some dolly website. But I feel that there’s more depth to it than that. These adults bring amazing designs to Stardoll, just by using shapes. They decorate suites like I could have never imagined.  Also (for some of the adults) they protect their own child/children online. I wouldn’t say that was so bad, would you? Of course they might spend a lot more money on Stardoll than teenagers, but isn’t it their hard-working money that they can spend on whatever they want?

I just really hate it when people think Stardoll is for a bunch of tweens. Because it’s not. I don’t think there is an age limit, but I don’t think any OAP’s (Old Age Pensioner) go on Stardoll . .



Stardoll, I would beg on my knees just for you to create an off feature for Chat. Or even an Away status, similar to MSN. Or an automatic message that we could send when anyone message us similar to MSN Plus.

The majority of the time I am on Stardoll, I’m busy working on a video or re-searching for a post on this blog and I cannot stay and chat to people.  Then I have those “off days” where I’m in a bad mood or just don’t feel like talking. Yet some people don’t understand this. I always try to explain to people why I cannot talk, and the majority of people are so lovely and understanding about it. Ugh, then you get the terribly rude people.

I was just on chat the other day, and I said to someone that I could not talk or go on Suite Chat. Then they replied

“So what’s the excuse now?”

(Well they didn’t place in the capital or the apostrophe)

Do some people think it only takes me 10 minutes to write-up a big long post like this? Or less than an hour for a Youtube video? I’d love that, but sadly that’s not the case.  I put a lot of effort and dedication into both my projects, thank you very much.

I don’t make up excuses, is it wrong for me to want to finish my post or start recording my tutorial? I hardly even know this person yet they always want to Suite Chat with me, it lags up my laptop until my Video Editor crashes on me and I have nothing interesting to say to this person. I know that sounds rude and arrogant, but I honestly don’t. I don’t mind it when people ask me for Suite Chat, but I rarely accept because I’m busy doing other things, but this person keeps constantly asking every single time they are online and I have the most mediocre conversations with them:


“Hii =)”

5 minutes later . .

“(Stardoll message asking for Suite Chat)”

“Sorry I’m busy at the moment, may be another time”

“so whats the excuse now?”

Me: -.-

That is how our conversations go, every single time . .

I apologise to people who want to Suite Chat, but I am a hard worker and a perfectionist at times so I want to keep focus on my projects. I don’t mind chatting to people, except when I’m recording but I’ll always tell them so, just Suite Chat crashes my laptop.

It would be so much easier for everyone and myself if I could have an away status or just literally off button. I remember when I was recording one day, I had scrolled down the page of Beauty Parlor so it was difficult to see the chat bar. I finished recording and scrolled to accept some friend requests. I felt I almost had 15 different hidden new chat boxes. All with people “Lel are you there?” “Hellooooooo” “Fine ignore me”. I feel bad making these people wait patiently but I had no idea and I cannot keep recording and pausing. But that’s what busy weekends are like.


I was looking at some of the Top Broadcasters Suites and then I noticed on one of these members that someone had commented on their Guestbook:

“How can YOU win Covergirl? LMAO.”

Now the member was dressed in Japanese style of Decora, with lots of items around her. Like teddies and hundreds of jewellery etc.. I thought it looked very artistic yet this girl had to post this in her own Guestbook? There is nothing wrong with expressing your fashion style through Stardoll. It does not matter what you look like for Covergirl or how nice/mean you are. All you need is votes. Yes, having a nice personality or having a nicely dressed medoll may help. But as long as you get your message across, you have a chance of winning Covergirl.

I don’t know why people look down upon on dressing as a Goth or Punk or Emo or like Blair from Gossip Girl etc, just basically any fashion style. Everybody on this planet is different from one another in some way, thinking that everyone has to have just one particular style is just wrong. People may prefer one style to another, but there’s no need to leave snarky comments in someone’s Guestbook because they are not afraid to express who they are.

Sorry if I have talked about attitudes of other members far too much, I knew there were immature people on Stardoll (it’s inevitable) but it’s just lately that they’ve been getting on my nerves. I hate when people use the excuse “I am 12, I’m just a child of course I’m immature”.  But just because you are still child does not mean that you cannot act mature and sensible.


And I thought bribing for Covergirl was bad . .

I thought Miss Stardoll World was supposed to be the role model of all Stardoll members. A good example to new members etc. What type of good example is Bribing for a virtual crown? You’re basically saying “If you want something, throw your cash at it and you’ll get it”.

I didn’t think people would start bribing until the Finals but some people want this really bad. I was looking through people’s suites and seen some Miss Stardoll World contender offering prizes to her country if she gets through. It’s nice to reward people who have voted for you but you should not bribe right at the beginning of the contest. She’ll probably win for her country, who can’t resist freebies? But I really hope this person learns from this and not to do it for the Finals. I actually hope Stardoll ban it.

I still haven’t voted for my countries contenders, nothing really catches me (that’s just my personal opinion) but I hope to vote for a Non-Superstar but I haven’t seen any of their revamped Suites etc. so I’ll leave it to the last-minute.



I was just on the new revamped Harajuku club and I have never met the biggest bunch of immature children on Stardoll. I can understand why the original Harajuku members are annoyed but you cannot force people to leave unless they’re banned.

Of course Non-Superstars should be treated more fairly, but you cannot blame Superstars for that. We are what is keeping the site running (along with advertisements). This girl who posted this was not prepared for all the replies afterwards. When you ever voice your opinion, there is always going to be people who are going to disagree no matter what topic. But people should not be classified for being “snooty” if they pay for Superstar, she just kept replying to all the other members with her big exclamation marks and typing errors, it was dreadful.   The she made a comment imitating  all Superstars with something like “ohh look at me im soooo rich cuz i can buy 1 year ss”.

I take it that she was describing Stardoll Royalty members. Just because someone is part of Stardoll Royalty does not make them rich. If I was that rich, as she further explained, well then I would have code competitions every week!

Why can’t some people just act mature for just one single day? It isn’t that hard. I understand why some people think Superstars get too many privileges because it does look that way, but Stardoll is a money-making business, not a playground for kiddies.







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14 responses to “Things That Annoy Me on Stardoll [Part 2]

  1. 1st comment!

    Uh I totally understand the chat thing. Like it’s not easy to write a blog, it takes ages to get each post done, and people still have to be rude when you say you can’t talk.


  2. Liz

    Like usual, I agree. I hate those immature brats the think they run the place – it pisses me off so much. They go around bagging the shit out of superstars, when in reality all they want is to be one. I swear half the kids these days – on sites and in real life – have no respect for anyone. It makes me kind of sad.

  3. Liz

    I agree with you Lel, great job on your blog! And I agree with Liz above me too :]

  4. wenq502

    You go Girl! Dont take anyone’s crap, and dont let them ever stop you from doing anything!

  5. Usually for an update post it only takes 5-10 minutes, not too long. But for big rants or posts it usually takes an hour or 45 minutes. But yeah, so annoying when they don’t understand I’m busy.

  6. I know =L
    Kids have hardly no manners any more. They try to be intellectual and witty when they discuss topics like these, but with terrible spellings and no respect they come across immature and stupid.
    I tried to tell the kid on the club about how we pay for everything but then she replied “lel1996: that is the biggest pile of rubbish I’ve evr heard”.
    I’m amazed she spelt my nickname right which only consists of 3 letters and 4 numbers yet she could not spell the simplest word ever properly.

  7. Thank you :3
    Glad you liked it, and yes she has a very good point 😉

  8. Aw thanks for you’re motivating message! ^-^
    Yeah, lots of members have been annoying me lately, I now know why hardly anybody accepts blank requests lol.

  9. Boxeh

    Today I typed the phrase “and read” in a guestbook message. It sent it as “*** **ad.” What is so bad about “andre”? Stardoll confuses me sometimes.

  10. Cindy1233

    hang on there was only 7

  11. Yes? Were you expecting more?

  12. Sara Joy

    I actually laughed at the Superstars should be banned thing.
    I also have a simlar problem with the people asking for my account.

  13. I laughed so hard when you said “she just kept replying to all the other members with her big exclamation marks and typing errors” I also have the problem with Stardoll’s corrections i wrote ‘in 2012’ and it showed up as i* **** so I then looked mental to the person i was talking to -.- I’m a superstar and we don’t really get many perks all the royalty does (no offence to the royalty) because if you look most people that win contests and have the best suits are royalty

  14. An Gee

    First off, who said ”I’m 12, of course I’m immature.” who seriously said that? Ageism.. I’m 12 (Ok, it’s not long until I’m 13) and I genuinely believe I’m not immature. I know a lot of people who are under 9 and are way more mature than some 14 year olds. But yes, that girl WAS immature but just due to the fact she used age as an excuse.

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