Stardoll Non-Superstar Offer – £1 for 1 month SS and 50 Stardollars

I made an account ages ago, just for testing Stardoll Freebies and Proxies, like my newest Stardoll TV Dress. I used the account to test the UK proxy as my account has already received it and I needed to test if the video would load. As I was pasting in the SDTV Url in the proxy, this appeared. And this was the link.

It does not lead you to the offer, just Stardoll TV. But I was gob smacked, Stardoll are being generous for once. If I could find the main link to this offer, for my competition I could have 10 winners. I’m sure it’s only available to Non-Superstars as I’ve been on my account for an hour or so and it has not appeared.





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26 responses to “Stardoll Non-Superstar Offer – £1 for 1 month SS and 50 Stardollars

  1. Basma

    I have a problem!!
    well what hapenned was that I recieved the offer and put in my phone number in I had no money on my phone though but I got a text message from stardoll about the offer.So later the next day I topped up my phone then replied to redeem £1 to become a superstar but then a second later they sent a message back saying that what I had sent does not exist!!!
    plzzz help me by replyin thanxx xx

  2. @Basma
    I see what you did wrong. When you send them your number, It automatically charges money towards your phone bill. You should have membership. If it doesn’t work, contact stardoll.
    Hope I helped ^-^

  3. Ashten

    Can someone tell me how to get back on it? Because when i saw the offer i pressed skip this offer. Then i went to top up my phone and now i can’t get back to the offer. Someone help?

  4. It was a one time special in october of 2010.
    You could just do the normal texting membership…
    click become superstar (or add starpoints if you allready are a super star)
    then choose the sms text option.

  5. Ashten

    Anybody help please?

  6. @ Ashten

    I think this happened to someone I knew. If you’ve click Skip Offer then it won’t appear again until another 24 hours I think.

  7. shannay

    yeah it will stop coming up after a whole i know that from experience on my main account but it stayed on my other account and it worked

  8. Charlotte

    I did the same thing as @Ashten! Help please!

  9. Wait until the next day to log in and the offer should appear again

  10. Abbey

    Stardoll said that the offers are randomly presented and it may show up again.

  11. The same thing happened to me and its not coming in 24 hours and this happend on like 2011 may

  12. Hey but could you please give the link to me of the 1 pound offer ASAP plz

  13. @Leisly

    There is no link, if you are Non-Superstar it should appear for you.

  14. Oh but I skipped it a few times and now i want it 😦 and i am an ex-ss and they said login randomly and it will come but it didnt 😥 and i logged in and out so many times~!

  15. Have patience. Logging in and out won’t help, just log in and go on Stardoll like you normally would do and it should appear after a while.

  16. No but it only happenes when you log in the offer comes up :S . I give up the offer is never going to come im nit going to wait for another 10 years its too much. 😦

  17. No it’s not, contact Stardoll – I’ve seen it appear after log in, that’s what happened to me.

  18. oh 😦 but i really can’t find the offer im so pissed out!

  19. Yeaah i do this for all my other ss accounts. :] you just have to log in and out many times to get it again.. or wait 24 hours. I think thats very generous, Since you get 50 stardollars and if it is your first time becoming superstar you will get a 30 stardollar free gift so theres 90 stardollars :] plus ++ 70 stardollars a month on play and earn is pretty good. I do these with my phone all the time and just transfer all the money onto my main account :] lol

  20. Lol okay but this is my like 3rd becoming a superstar


  22. misseyelashes


  23. Anonymous

    Hope this link helps. add me on stardoll:
    and my cousin

  24. Anonymous

    if you skip the offer for tooooooooooooooo many times you have to wait 1 or 2 hours before you can go on stardoll again