Opera October Mystery- Free Red Cape

The gift has not yet appeared in my Suite. So thanks to shoxsanam for giving me the snapshot. People said they haven’t been receiving their gifts, well I finally received mine when I just logged out and logged back in again. Weird thing is, mine and shoxsanam’s messages are different . .

On Shonxsanam’s message, Stardoll have changed it to Open and the message spaces have multiplied. Stardoll cannot you not pick between Reveal or Open? They both have the same meanings. I haven’t received my S or E yet, so I’ll probably have to log back in and out again.

I have to apologize for my Youtube subscribers. I know I promised a tutorial ever second day, but my latest tutorial has given me a bit of bother. I knew I wanted to do a pirate, made 10 different clips but when I put them through editor they don’t make sense. So I’m going to have to re-record it. The pirate tutorial is too short for just one video so I thought I would add another Halloween character. I decided on Mermaid (as they live by the sea . .) but that took a bit of bother trying to find a workable inspiration on Stardoll. I was going to work on it this afternoon but I had to help my family with something, then I went back online (well actually I forgot to switch my laptop off and log off) and spent all my time writing my Real Life make-up for everyone.

Still trying to find some decent music for this tutorial. But I hope it will be worth everyone’s wait.






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3 responses to “Opera October Mystery- Free Red Cape

  1. Sorry this is old and is not available any more. Although it is available to purchase through Starbazaar.

  2. Rugile

    where find that opera house ?

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