Make-up that Lel1996 Uses in Real Life

This is to make it up to all my Youtube subscribers who asked for a Real Life make-up tutorial. For reasons I’ve chosen not to go along with the idea, as it would just be too personal and I have explained it in another post this week, so to make it up to those who have been left disappointed, I’m going to show you the make-up I use in real life and give a few tips along the way.

These are actual pictures I have taken in real-life, sorry if you cannot see the lables etc. I’m not a photographer and Blackberry Mobile Camera is rubbish.

Please do not think that I wear all this make-up at the same time, I would look like an Oompa Loompa! Reason why I wear high-end make-up is because my mother uses it, it lasts a lot longer than ordinary drug store make-up and on most occasions it does what it says on the tin.



Left: Estee Lauder Brush-On Illuminator £21 — Right: Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara & Concealer Duo £4.99 (according to

I always wear Concealer if I ever wear make-up, whether if it’s with Foundation or not. If I am having a good skin day (no flaws or dry skin) then I’ll just wear small hints of concealer around my eyes and along the T-zone (Forehead/Nose). I use the Illuminator just for my eyes, it may be expensive but I’m sure my recent tube has been lasting me for 3 months and there’s still more left. Double Wear Concealer gives amazing coverage but I only use it if my skin isn’t having a great day. It’s also great for travelling as it’s a duo stick, so you can have your concealer and mascara in one. Although I hardly ever use the mascara.

Tip: Don’t waste your money on concealer brushes, opt to just use your fingers (make sure they are clean) as the warmth of your fingers will make it easier to blend. My best friend (who wastes so much money on make-up and it’s definitely not the cheap stuff, buys tons of useless make-up brushes).


Left: Estee Lauder Double Wear (Long-Wear) Powder £25 — Right: Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation £25

I hardly ever wear both Foundations at the same time, unless I’m having a terrible skin day. Usually I’ll just wear hints of Illuminator then add a small touch of powder and I’m ready. I use the Estee Lauder powder because it really suits my skin tone and I’ve been using it for ages! I’m sure I bought it in End of Winter/Spring and it’s still keeping me going and I’m slowly running out. Of course make-up has Best Before Dates, but according to the lable it will last me for 16 months before it is out of date and it stays on for the whole length of school. The Double Wear Liquid Foundation is famous for for it’s even coverage, can make my skin feel a little plastic but that’s why you have to be careful on how much you place on as a little goes a long way with this liquid foundation.

Tip: Foundation brushes do give a flawless finish, so if you’re willing to spend over £10 on a make-up brush, I say go for it.

Eye-liner Liquid and Kohl

Top: Bourjois Liner Feutre Black £6 — Max Factor Masterpiece Glid and Define £7 — Bottom: Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Du Regard Black £17

I always wear my YSL Eye-liner. Yes it may be a bit pricey for a stick of liner and there are better products out there, but I love the packaging and it lasts all throughout the school day. I bought it in the Summer holidays for school and it’s lasted me ever since and there’s still a lot to go, plus it’s a very long pencil when you first buy it so I think it’s worth the money. I went through a stage in early spring this year with liquid liner. Word of warning, Max Factor’s is rubbish. It only lasted me 2 and  a half weeks and I hardly even used it. Bourjois’s was a lot better although the hairs on the brush started to come apart and at the end of it’s use, instead of giving me a perfect line I ended up with 3 as the brush had split! And that is why, I stick with my YSL eyeliner. I prefer Kohl to Liquid as you can smudge it and it’s easier to remove for me. Plus if I’m in a rush I can just quickly apply it where as with Liquid I feel it has to be perfect so it takes a lot more of my time.

Tip: Never put too much eye-liner on. My self-acclaimed “emo” friends wear it like it’s an eye-shadow and they don’t even smudge it. They wear it on the top line and the bottom water-line. It smudges through the day, runs and at the end of the school day the eye-liner has almost smudged round the top of the cheeks. If you want to follow that look, wear a small amount of eyeliner and purchase Black Eye-shadow. Keep it low key and just add a small touch of eyeliner on the water-line.


Left: Lancom Hypnose Mascara £16 to £20 — Right: Max Factor Falsh Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara £10

Both Mascaras are for volumising. I don’t normally wear Mascara to school so I save it for the weekends. Even though Hypnose can become clumpy at times so I always use a Mascara comb. I’ve already got natural long lashes,  I don’t really need to use much of my mascara so it’s great for a little touch up but if I add too much I look like I have spider legs on my eyes. False Lash effect does not make you look like you’re wearing False Lashes at all. It really reminds me of Covergirl’s Lash Blast. It’s not Waterproof – I wore it to school one day and it began to drizzle slightly and the Mascara kept on running so I had to remove it. It does add volume and I do like the big brush but I bought it so that I could wear it on rainy days and it just doesn’t do the trick so it’s at the bottom of my make-up bag.

Tip: If you have clumpy lashes when you apply your favourite Mascara, purchase a Lash Comb. Like a hair comb, you brush the clumpy bits of mascara off your eyelashes and it defines and separates your lashes so you don’t look like you have tarantula eyes.

Eye-Shadow Pallet

Christian Dior Eye-Shadow Pallets £32-35

These are probably the only Eye-shadow Pallets that I have bought, they’ve lasted me for so long it’s incredible. When I first bought my Pallet (I bought the right one first), it looked so pretty and I just didn’t want to touch it. The colours are great, not too opaque but if you are going to a party you just build it up as you go. I prefer the left pallet with the Smoky Purple colours as you can use this for anything! It’s quite pricey for just five eye-shadows but they are definitely worth the money and there are so many pallet colours to choose from so I can’t wait until I use up all the eye-shadows so I can purchase another beautiful pallet set. I think every season they do a limited edition seasonal pallet, as my family member received one this summer.

Tip: When you are wearing heavy eye make-up I would not suggest to use a Bright Lip Colour, as when you are young you’ll look far too old and it would be too much. So instead apply a small amount of your liquid foundation/concealer on your lips to make them pale and add some clear gloss. If you’re wearing an unnoticeable amount of eye make-up feel free to use bright lip colours but for a more natural feel, just use the make-up tip above.

Every-day Eye-shadow Pallet

Estee Lauder Eye-shadow Pallet ?–£??

I’m sure my mother received this from a special deal, the Estee Lauder counter always has one ongoing. If you buy two or more Estee Lauder Skin-care products you’ll receive a gift make-up bag etc. so we always receive extra make-up and that is one of the reasons why I mainly love Estee Lauder. She didn’t want the pallet (not her colour scheme) so I asked for it. It’s full of neutral eye-shadows, so I normally wear these to school although I don’t use the dark colours.  Great for every-day make-up just for that natural look.


(From Left to Right) Bourjois Menthol Gloss £6 — Estee Lauder Wet Shine Sheer (High Gloss) [Full version] £14 [Mini] £?? — Estee Lauder Pure Gloss £15-£16 — Christian Dior Kiss £18-£21 — Vaseline Lip Balm £2

I always use Lip gloss. I prefer it to lipstick, just because I really don’t like the feeling/taste of lipstick and I always thought it was for women, not teenagers. Bourjois Menthol Gloss is a lovely cheap clear gloss that leaves a nice minty feeling on your lips, I always wear this lipgloss if I’m wearing heavy eye make-up or just want a natural look. Word of warning, never wear the Bourjois lipgloss if it’s a windy day or just put your hair up, as it’s very sticky so your hair will stick to your lips. I have so many Mini Estee  Lauder West Shine Sheer Glosses, mainly because they are always a freebie in the special deals. Perfect for taking to school and just a quick touch ups through the day and I think I almost own every shade in mini size. Honey is my favourite shade – but I’ve lost it so I had to use another colour for the picture. I recently purchased Estee Lauder’s Pure Gloss and it’s beautiful. Sometimes the colour can be a bit too much so I always add a small amount of foundation on my lips to calm the colour. My favourite lip gloss to date and I love the packaging. I used to be obsessed with my Dior Lip gloss. It’s a very bright colour, so I would only add a small amount to  lip brush and apply. The smell of lychees is wonderful, makes me almost want to eat it. If I just have very low-key make-up I’ll add the Dior Kiss Gloss. Never wear it with heavy eye make-up as it would be far too much since it’s such a bright Pink almost Purple colour. I added Vaseline as it’s so cheap and perfect to use for school. The tin is quite hard to open at times but lovely colour otherwise.

Tip: If you have a bright lip gloss, and you want to tone the colour down just add a small amount of concealer/liquid foundation on your lips before you apply your gloss. Also another tip, instead of applying your lip gloss directly from the tube or your fingers, use a lip brush- it will make such a difference. I wore my Vaseline lip balm to school, by just applying it by a brush.


I don’t wear any blush, because I see so many girls around school with bright orange/pink cheeks so it’s put me off.

Tip: Don’t go around looking like Noddy

Single Eye-shadow/Cream Eye-shadow

Left: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Shadow Creme £15 — Right: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eye-shadow £15-£15.50

My Cream eye-shadow is a lovely natural pink colour, so I wear it when I cannot be bothered to apply any powder eye-shadow on. Only takes less than 10 seconds to apply on each eye but I don’t wear it often now but it’s incredibly long lasting, and also a great base for wearing pink eye-shadows. I don’t own many dark metallic eye-shadows so I persuaded my mother to purchase this Pure Colour Eye-shadow for me. I don’t wear it to school, just for weekends and parties. Amazing for a smoky eye.

Tip: It’s better to buy an Eye-shadow pallet, as it’s worth your money. Although if there is a particular eye-shadow that you use in one Pallet too often, then I suggest purchasing a single eye-shadow colour.


Shisedo Pureness Skin Collection

(From Left to right) Moisturising Gel-Cream £27 — Matifying Moisturiser- £27 — Foaming Cleansing  Fluid £20.50 — Refreshing Cleansing Water- £18-£19

I’m sure they cost a lot more than the internet prices. I remember going into a massive department store and I had only £60 to buy some new things that I wanted, I was running out of my Skincare products so I went over to the Shisedo counter and bought Moisturiser and Cleansing Water and I had to pay over £50. Such a shock, I was so upset that I couldn’t buy anything else. I cannot buy these products where I live so I have to an endure a tedious train journey in order to purchase these. I’m glad that these products last for ages. Can be very pricey but they really work for my skin. Just to explain Matifying Moisturiser is for Oily Skin so it leaves the skin oil free. Being a teenager, your skin goes through different changes so I switch between the Gel and Matifying Moisturisers when I need to. It’s better to use the Matifying moisturiser in Summer and Gel in Winter.

Tip: If you have very Sensitive skin, it is known that as a very cheap option of removing make-up and cleaning your face is to use Baby Wipes.

I always exfoliate my skin every 2 weeks. It removes dead skin and keeps the skin clean and fresh.


Vital Eyes Brightening Eye-drops £3-4 — Manga Princess Eye-brow Tweezers £7-10 — Travellers Eye-lash Curlers £??

I’m a late sleeper and a late waker so sometimes on school days my eyes are red or look very sleepy and hazy. I only use eye-drops if I’m having a very bad morning, and I look like I’m half dead but they really help open and waken your eyes. I don’t wax my eye-brows, usually I just pluck them. I just think my tweezers are very kawaii! These eye-lash curlers are amazing for travelling, you can just click them together and put them in your small make-up bag and go anywhere. I bought them in an airport in Hong Kong so I don’t know how much it is worth in pounds.

Tip: Don’t over pluck your eye-brows so they are thin lines. When you are young keep them nice and full. If you think you need to start waxing/plucking them talk to your parents/guardian as there’s always an issue of how old you should be before you are allowed.


I know it looks like I wear a lot of make-up but I honestly don’t.

Here’s my regular (School) make-up routine:

  • Cleanse my face and apply moisturiser
  • Add Illuminator/Concealer around eye and T-zone
  • If I’m having a bad day, I’ll add a small amount of liquid foundation for extra coverage
  • Apply Powder Foundation around the face
  • Apply YSL Kohl Liner on the top line of my eye-lid
  • If I can be bothered (which isn’t often), I’ll add one neutral eye-shadow to my lid
  • Clear Gloss

I’m good to go!

I know there’s always a big debate on how old people should allow girls to wear make-up. Personally, I would love to ditch the routine and go au naturel but in this decade teenagers girls are slapping on make-up like there’s no tomorrow and there’s always peer pressure involved. I don’t know a single girl in my school year that doesn’t wear make-up. Now that I look back – I started wearing make-up far too early. I used to think it would make me look older and maturer but it really didn’t. I love the fact that when you’re kid that you don’t have any pressure of this and can just go as you are. But it’s really up to your own opinions of make-up and your family.

I’m not going to encourage people to buy the make-up I use. It can sometimes be very expensive to buy when I’ve ran out of concealer and skincare products at the same time. I only use High-end products is because I have very sensitive skin, and my Mother has a close eye on what products I buy in case I suddenly break out or a rash of some sort. My mother has used Estee Lauder for 15 years, and it’s a perfect range of cosmetics for her and I suppose that’s why I buy from the same range of make-up. I always use the same products over and over again, I never re-buy pallets or eye-shadows.

This has to be the longest or one of the longest posts I’ve ever written on the blog.





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6 responses to “Make-up that Lel1996 Uses in Real Life

  1. I use makeup too in real life. I totally agree with you in the whole high end thing. I love MAC, and its way better than any drugstore brand in my opinion!

  2. Oh cool ^-^.
    Every time I have bought Drugstore make-up I always end up having a rash or break-out.
    Rimmel, Bourjous, Mayballine are okay though but I don’t use their products much.

  3. Liljj123

    I totally agree with the high end thing too. I don’t wear much make-up though, but my mum will only wear MAC, YSL,Estee Lauder, and Chanel make-up and my older sister only wears MAC,Stilla and YSL.

  4. Same, I don’t do the crappy cheap things. I use Maybelline mascara (not that bad, and it looks nice), Innoxa foundation (that brand is very good.) and blah blah blah…

    Anyway, I don’t know if you can buy it in the UK but we have a skincare brand called Simple. It is made for sensitive skin and I have a friend who uses it, and her skin is all well and dandy 🙂

  5. shannay

    haha i also use estee lauder it is such good makeup there is this gold packaged mascara it works soo welll

  6. Liz

    I never wear make up in real life. Fact is, I don’t own any and there’s no way I can use my mums because my skin tone us like porcelain (literally). I ‘d like to get some more cosmetics but my mums always has clothing as the top proroty for me lol.
    It’s odd because my mum had the exact same Estee Lauder lipgloss with the gold lid. I’m pretty sure it’s the same colour xD. She was telling me how much she loves it the other day and I was just nodding along lol.