Stardoll Halloween Vampire Tutorial on Youtube

You would assume that creating a tutorial from scratch is easy and only takes under an hour. Oh boy. . . I wish.

Maybe if you had the make-up look already it wouldn’t be so time-consuming. Seriously, it took 45 minutes to record and create the make-up looks and to find music. Another 15 minutes editing. 20 minutes in trying to add subtitles (which is one of the most annoying/irritating things I have to do). 30 minutes to Publish. Another 35 minutes to upload onto Youtube and create a description.

Right when I started making tutorials I thought it would be easy as pie.

I really hate making celebrity tutorials (Kristen Stewart Make-up tutorial is in the video). You get obsessed fans sending you hate mail telling you that you’ve made their Gorgeous Idols into pieces of s___. People still comment on my Demi Lovato tutorial, which is more than a year old telling me how horrible it is. Don’t they think I have eyes? Yes it’s terrible, but I would really prefer critical comments on my newest videos as what’s the point on telling me I’ve done a bad job on an old tutorial when I have new improved tutorials. I thought I didn’t have any common sense . .

I hope people enjoy this tutorial. I prefer the Classic Vampire. Creating the Kristen Stewart tutorial wasn’t difficult at all.





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One response to “Stardoll Halloween Vampire Tutorial on Youtube

  1. misseyelashes

    2hrs 25Mins


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