Opera October Mystery- Free Golden Candle

Stardoll please decide if you want it to be REVEAL or OPEN

Yesterday’s message (Just a quick reminder)

These have to be the nicest freebies Stardoll has released, they’re all so classy.

Just another 2 music boxes to go, I remember looking at the spoilers and one if a Giraffe.





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2 responses to “Opera October Mystery- Free Golden Candle

  1. wenq502

    UGGG!! stardoll’s totally not being fair!!!! i’ve log in every day since this opera mystery thing started checking in my suite for the daily gift, but for about 3 days in a row (plus a couple more days) i didnt even get any boxes sent to my suite!!!

  2. Wow really?
    It takes time to load your full suite if you have over 100 items in one room so may be that’s why?
    Nest answer I can give you is to contact Stardoll
    Sorry if I cannot be of much help =S