Blogging Code Competition coming soon..

I was on my mobile broadband on my laptop (the dongle USB) and my new Youtube video just finished uploading and suddenly I checked my usage and it was all gone. I didn’t even finish my video description! So now I am resulting into writing this post using my Blackberry.

If you read my recent long post

I mentioned cutting the Youtube Winners to just one for my blogging competition. Well I’m not going to do that any more. Reason being was that I just noticed that my 4 year anniversary on Stardoll (21st of November 2006) and my 2 year anniversary on Youtube (23rd of November 2008) are only days apart so I’m going to host the Blogging Competition in late November and it will continue through December. It might actually be early November to late November as Limited Edition will be released in early December and I will have used up all my budget for Stardoll codes. It can be my Christmas present to everyone. So if people do not win my Youtube Make-up Competition, they can always try to win another code next month.

It’s just so weird how everything has fitted together. My 2 year anniversary on here, Hundred thousand views on here and 500 subscribers on Youtube all in the same week. And now my Youtube and Stardoll anniversary are only 2 Days apart! I just find it creepy..

I will be updating this post and my new Youtube video in an hour or so, as I’m not at home with my house broadband.

I apologize if I have not posted much this afternoon, my Youtube video took longer than I thought. But I’ll explain all that later.


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