New Sunny Bunny Collection 3 (Sneak Peek)

Visit the Official Stardoll Blog:


Next week will see the release of the new Sunny Bunny Collection. As always, our bunny ears have been listening to all your requests and suggestions – and you’ll be happy to hear we’ve included more piercings! (you asked for it!)

Some of you also asked for a Sunny Bunny clothing store. Well, here’s a little secret… we’ve just started designing a SB clothing store too! (ssshhh!) Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

Before we go, we want more Sunny Bunny feedback from you. This time the hot topic on our glossy lips is:

What is your favourite Japanese style?

Just click on the link to the Stardoll Blog and leave a comment telling them what your favourite Japanese Style.

I love, what looks like, a fringe wig. I’ve been waiting for a full fringe hairstyle on Stardoll forever. There used to be one on the old Stardoll but it was removed. The piercings look amazing, I hope I can add them to a few Youtube tutorials in the future.

And they are making a store! I can’t wait if they release Gothic or Sweet Lolita outfits. This really softens the blow of Miss Stardoll World.





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4 responses to “New Sunny Bunny Collection 3 (Sneak Peek)

  1. micki-24

    this is a halloween idea,
    bein a panda?
    those panda ears from Sunny Bunny,
    and some black and white makeup, and add some clothes 😀

  2. Aw Thanks so much for idea :3 I hope I can use it sooner or later. Although I am going to do tutorials on the basic Halloween tutorials but I hope I can use the Panda idea ^-^

  3. micki-24

    ^-^ that’d be great,
    check out my album for more ideas if you want :DD

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