Updates- Finally received Graphics Tablet

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I suppose I’m getting used to writing little posts on updates on myself. I hope everyone does not mind this, just a small way I “Personalize” my blog.

If anyone remember’s that last week I mentioned wanting a Graphics Tablet, well if you can read the title- I’ve got one! It’s a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet, I didn’t want to get any of the Bamboo Fun Tablet’s as I go through phases and I know if I don’t succeed in creating my Stardoll Graphics or Digital Art, I’ll immediately drop it. And that would just really disappoint my parents. For once in my teenage life I’m actually being sensible ;). Plus I can wait until I actually can handle the tablet and when I know what I’m doing I’ll upgrade.

Haven’t started on any graphics yet, but I did buy a few digital art magazines that have some amazing guides. Just getting to grips with the tablet, so I don’t think I’ll be able to start proper graphics any time soon. I’ve got a 2 week holiday from school, so it’ll give me plenty of time on trying out my digital art skills.

I take Art at school, I actually took my pieces that I entering for the exam home- but I look back on it now and I’ll just be too busy with my tablet that I won’t have time. I might actually take a picture and show everyone, once I find my Blackberry USB cable. Fairly proud of it, and if anyone asks I’m taking Intermediate 2 Art, just below Higher (the grades that get you into University although you might need to take Advanced Highers in your final years of High School). But Highers around the world are totally different.

But hopefully sometime this month I will create a few graphics for everyone to view.

I haven’t started working on any new Youtube video yet, I know Halloween is arriving soon (Marked on my Calendar with a birthday cake ;)) and people are expecting tutorials but to be honest it’s pretty easy that it doesn’t need any tutorials.

Cat = Feline Flick = Liquid Liner

Giant Panda = Punched Eyes = Black Eye-shadow

Frankenstein = Green Monster = Green?

Vampire = Blood Thirsty = Red Lips- Pale Skin


But I know I have to post a few tutorials on Halloween, might use a few inspirations but it’s not on top of my To-Do list at the moment, I’m all tired out after creating 8 different make-up tutorials all mashed together as one.

Still receiving entries for the Superstar Membership/Stardollars competition. I’m unsure now whether to have 2 winners any more, but I’ll see how it all goes when I have all the entries in.

I apologize that I didn’t post yesterday, I was in a foul mood and I know I would get side-tracked in a middle of a Blog post and start ranting about something else.

So anyways, I will see you tomorrow- hopefully with some new posts.


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