Stardoll- Free $10 Stardollars on 10.10.10 [Not really]

Not really free is it?

When I read all the text (before the asterisk [*]), I thought “Wow, Stardoll is actually being nice!” but then I read all of the message and I was just disappointed.

Not really free stardollars at all. They are just giving us a chance to have 2 Play & Earn’s in one day. So we’ll lose $10 stardollars off our $70 Play & Earn Stardollars in one day.

But at least everyone is celebrating 10/10/10. People from all over the world are celebrating this special by getting married on the 10th of October 2010 at 10:10 am at 10 seconds. Crazy really, but people see this as a sign of perfection and a new beginning (9 cycles of life, 10 represents a new beginning).





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One response to “Stardoll- Free $10 Stardollars on 10.10.10 [Not really]

  1. bitte schenkt mir die 10 sd

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