Stardoll Survey Music & News

I’m not sure if everyone received this in their Stardoll Mail or not, but I received both surveys:

If you did not receive the survey’s click the links below:

Music Survey:

News Survey:

(Not sure if they work any more since I posted the links after I took the survey)

There were just some strange questions, like this:

What in the world has Lady Gaga’s infamous Meat Dress got to do with music? Yes she is a musical artist and wore it at the MTV Music Awards, but look at the rest of the questions:

It’s really silly to ask your market how much you want them to pay for your services, because they always choose the cheapest option. I learnt that in SVS (Social Vocational Studies- like enterprising and business), we were supposed to be setting up a Stationary Stall and went round the school with survey, everyone chose the cheapest option. But if Stardoll really do bring a Music feature on Stardoll- who is really going to use it? You can easily listen to music FREE on Youtube, so why would you waste your money on Stardoll. Will it be like Itunes, or more or less “StarTunes”. I’m not going to buy music if it is ever available on Stardoll, going to be a right rip-off but I do like the idea of having a playlist and recommending music to your friends. But having my inbox filled with the Jonas Brothers, Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus would just irritate me. Nothing wrong with them, but they’re just not my cup of tea.

Then there was the News Survey, which made a lot more sense but it was still strange:

It would be nice of Stardoll to add a news section, the Stardoll Magazine is so uninteresting and dire. I’m guessing the majority of people who took the Survey chose things like “Celebrities and Fashion”. Stardoll, their main market is teenage girls and boys, as well as children. These days, the majority of kids these days are not really interested in Politics or News Events. Not all but mainly in my point of view. It irritates me slightly that our generation has become like this, in my R.M.E class none of the girls knew the story of the Miners trappers in Chile. I hate doing this but facepalm/. And in my Modern Studies class more than half the class didn’t know the differences between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats, and I was just utterly shocked. If you take Modern Studies (which is about Unions/Politics etc.) I would at least expect people to know the political parties.

Anyways back to Stardoll 😉

It just wouldn’t suit the market, I’m really interested in things like news- but I’d rather go elsewhere than Stardoll for it. Look at the background of Stardoll- All Fluffy and pink/purple. Having deadline news about Natural Disasters and Presidential Elections? I don’t think so. But if they do decided to go along with the idea, I hope it encourages children and teenagers online to read about daily headline topics and to help their general knowledge.

Also on the last Snapshot, I chose Career/Education, Body image and World Issues. Just going to explain that for everyone.

I chose Career/Education as I know a lot of Stardoll members are interested in Fashion and Magazines or even being Graphic Designers. I was looking at some of the self-made Stardoll magazines and almost a year ago I used to slate them at every chance I got but now- it’s great that teenagers are putting a lot of effort into these projects, and aspiring to be Magazine Editors etc. when they are older. I see so many teenagers at school with no aspirations at all, thinking it’s cool to drink Buckfast (cheap alcohol) in Bus stops or dropping out of school as they “don’t like it”. I know education isn’t for everyone, I get days where I feel like I hate school but I least want to try to learn new things and go to university and get a decent job. But it’s nice to see teenagers doing something they’re great at and finally putting their efforts into something positive.

So Stardoll could do articles on “Advice on Graphic Design” etc. but I think it’s the teenagers that need to give Stardoll a lesson or two. I seen the Stardoll Fashion Week designs and they are amazing, and with Stardoll coming out with rubbish dress-up dolls by the pound, why don’t they hire these teenagers?

I also chose Body Image because I am sick to death with Discussions on clubs with


Sending people Tinypics of what they look like in real life, do people not know the dangers of this. Now I know there are no paedophile cases on Stardoll, but people could use these images of yourself without permission. It’s not like Facebook where you can make things private. And ugh it’s annoying when they post this:

“All of you’s are like sooo pretty. I don’t think I’m pretty at all. Check out these pics and tell me what you think”.

Really reminds me of one of my old “friends”. Always complaining “Ohhh I’m fat” or “Ohh I’m too ugly” every single day of the week. She isn’t fat and she isn’t ugly. And we would always go “Oh my gosh, your are like, totally pretty and gorgeous and your as thin as a stick!” to make herself feel better. Then one day it just go to a point where my best friend turned around and just shouted

“You’re fat and ugly. Okay?!”

Just to get her to shut up. She didn’t have low confidence or self-esteem issues. She was one of the most confident people I knew, all she wanted was us to make herself feel better and give her sweet compliments. Strange thing was she reacted positively to the comment and just said, with a snarky smile:

“Yeah I know ;)”

Let’s just say we aren’t friends any more . .  (not because of that, as that would just be stupid and childish).

But look at our Medoll’s. They have flawless skin and are as thin as nearly size zero models. They should promote a healthy body image around their members.

My last choice was World Issues, I love to know what’s going round the globe and you learn so many interesting things.

Strange choices were there, like Sexual Health. That would just be creepy on Stardoll.

Sorry if this was just a mini-rant. I know many will not agree with my views, and I’m not saying all teenagers these days are school drop out drunks- just a few that I know.




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