Mortal Kiss- Matheson Cabin Released

Click on the Matheson Cabin (near Winter Mill High).

Click on the Photo Album and just flick through the pages.

Do these fictional characters not have emotions?? Gosh it’s the same characters over and over again, with different clothes but with same poses. Oh but in the snapshot above, you see her hands! Stardoll, you could have at least done a better job. Photos are supposed to capture the moment, you smile- you put on faces- but you do not have exactly the same face on every single photograph because that would just be . . scary?!

And what in the world is that wolf creature? I thought this was serious story but I just think they are taking the mickey out of this. That is one serious bad Halloween costume. I bet in the ending it will just be some sort of joke and there are no serial killers or wolves, I don’t read the story.

*Sigh* What an utter disappointment.





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9 responses to “Mortal Kiss- Matheson Cabin Released

  1. Right, I see.
    What I meant was, it looked child-like and just silly in general, a very bad halloween costume and I thought this story was supposed to be captivating and compelling yet Stardoll produce graphics like that?

  2. Anonymous

    the picture is a bad way to show what the story is about. as of right now, the story is kind of like a mix between vampire diaries and twilight, except the vampires are bad (i think) and the werewolves are good. and then there’s some girl in between it all (bella and the main girl from vamp diaries)

  3. Me

    i never read the story too.. i don’t like reading. i only see all the clues from buildings and if you notice, near the police office and in front of the morrow mansion there’s a clue just click on the snow

  4. Me

    another info: inside the morrow mansion there’s a mirror and just watch it for a while and there’s a hand in the mirror

  5. Jimmy has left astray to leave the wolves at bay
    Something like that? =L

  6. I know, gave the biggest fright I’ve had in a while =L
    I went to check it out once I read your comment, so thanks for the tip ^-^

  7. CiCi

    He’s a werewolf!!!!!! Jimmy’s a werewolf!!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, I know he was bitten but has he turned fully? :O

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