New Youtube Video- Makeup Through the Decades

Audio is some how disabled even though I sorted out the copyright claim. Cannot be bothered changing the music. Took the video 1 hour and 30 minutes to publish then another hour and 15 minutes to upload onto Youtube. I’m a very impatient person, so I spent my time reading the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, for the hundredth time. Once you know what happens in a thriller book it doesn’t catch your imagination like it used to. Was going to upload my code competition but this audio is driving me insane.





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5 responses to “New Youtube Video- Makeup Through the Decades

  1. Mariahfan999 (sterling)

    Dear Lel, I love seeing your makeup tutorials and I look forward to the next time everytime there’s a new one. I’m just asking if you could update more and if we could make requests because I’m a huge fan of this blog. Thank you. -Sterling

  2. Hii,
    Thank you so much for a constructive comment (It’s so rare these days).
    Would you prefer me to update more posts on the blogs, or just Youtube?

  3. Good day!This was a really brilliant subject!
    I come from milan, I was fortunate to seek your Topics in google
    Also I obtain a lot in your website really thank your very much i will come every day

  4. Sterling

    I’d love to see both, you present something fresh to Stardoll. I’ve been a member since I was nine and I’ve seen some people who get so much popularity for being snobby and full of themselves. Whereas you’re down to earth yet can do a damn good makeup tutorial.

  5. That’s really made my day ^-^
    I’ve been posting a lot over the past few days, so much news! So I hope it keeps all my readers happy.
    Also I’m releasing a Vampire tutorial tomorrow (Halloween Series) so I’m hoping it’ll all go well.

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