New Endangered Species- Aye Aye

To get this animal in your Suite go to this link and click Adopt Me


(Daubentonia madagascariensis)Found only in Madagascar, the Aye-aye is the largest nocturnal primate in the world and spends the daytime curled up in a ball-like nest of leaves and branches. This lemur with its superhero hearing and creepy fishhook fingers is in fact a distant, goblin-cute cousin to humans.

I think it’s a great idea of Stardoll not to use the popular Endangered Animals (Polar Bears, Tigers etc.) but instead give attention to those in the background. Yes, Polar Bears might be declining at a substantial rate than the Aye-Aye but some other animals deserve more attention sometimes. There’s now only 2 more animals to be released, I wish they did release a Giant Panda, but there’s already a Baby Panda (Weird thought: Why is a called a Baby Panda, shouldn’t it be a cub?) and Red Panda has already been released. Agh well, there’s next year to go.




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