Second Year of Lel1996’s Stardoll Blog

So to celebrate my blog’s “Birthday” I have created a new banner inspired by Japan.

So say goodbye to the old banner . .

And hello to the new . . .

I was supposed to be creating a second graphic just to celebrate but I ran short of time, these graphics are really time-consuming but I have yet to really come to terms with Photoshop. I can say that it is a massive improvement from my last header, must more clearer as the last one was very blurry but I have really impressed myself and hopefully I can create more complicated graphics once I get my digital tablet.

So since this is my Second Anniversary on the blog I was hoping to have a little paragraph just my thoughts on my blog.

It really took me a lot of time to figure out how to really “Stardoll Blog”, if that is ever a phrase. Now that I look back on my old posts, I seemed so childish and no wonder I didn’t get many views on my first month. Here is my first post ever on my blog:

And now that I see my first post, I look in horror over my own spelling mistakes. I’m glad that over the past two years that I have set out what I planned to achieve, not to get lots of views or receive attention but just to have regular readers of my blog and that’s all I have ever wanted. Of course I never thought I would be still writing to this blog to this day, I always thought I would just get by a year and end my blog if I ever grew tired of blogging. But right now I’m not, I’m really enjoying myself here and it really keeps me going on Stardoll. I’m certain that if I did not create my blog or Youtube (which all began on my blog) that I would have quit Stardoll a long time ago, driven by the madness of DKNY and Real Celeb Clothing. It’s just so strange looking at my archives (which you can view by scrolling right down to the bottom of my blog), just looking at all the months that have went past and imagining all the months that have yet to come really frightens me.

For the first two months, when I started my blog, I was so happy. Gladly posting yet no-one was really viewing them. I used to get happy with over 12 views a day. No wonder nobody really viewed my blog, I wrote horribly and my posts were just pointless half of the time. What really encouraged me to continue blogging was the Voile Free Dresses in October 2008. It was my most busiest day for a long while, I started to receive 500 views a day and was on WordPress’s Growing Blog list. I think then was when people started catching on that creating blogs for free items would be really popular among users. I got some really negative comments when I posted the Callie.Stardoll Poser snapshot and still do to this day. Then things started to decline and yet again, hardly anyone was reading my blog. I first started to blog about what I really thought i.e. All my Rants, was when I posted Stardoll Verdict Part One which I posted in November 2008. I got a really positive response, which amazed me and started working on the idea of creating my rants and personalizing my blog with these posts. I suppose my ranting posts is what makes me different from other blogs, I really don’t see anyone else creating them. So I kept creating the posts along with updates and I slowly started getting my first regular readers.

I’m sure I started to post less and less over the months in 2009, blogging started getting tiring and  I just wasn’t receiving anything back from it. Amazingly enough I continued to post on my blog, with frequent apologies to everyone as I always had a weeks break, started posting, had another break and came back and apologized and what surprises me is that I still do it to this day! May be not a weeks break, but I usually post daily and I think I have so many posts on my blog which begin with “I’m terribly sorry . . ” or “Sorry I’ve  . . .” it’s actually quite hilarious. Then at some point in 2009, I was posting too many angry rants and focusing on my Youtube videos too much and not calming things down on the blog and just posting small, normal updates that everyone could catch up on.I later found the balance of just ranting and updates. But now I think I do too many updates and just not enough ranting posts any more, but I think I have explained my thoughts fully on what I think of Stardoll.  What really made me start blogging again was when Stardoll advertised my Guide Around the New Stardoll Website, which really amazed me. But now looking back I know why they chose mine over the twenty-or-so blogs on the topic of Stardoll, because I posted the link to the Official Stardoll Blog. Simple yet sad, I have to say.

I thought at first Stardoll blogging would be easy and so simple. Yet you say that when no-one is reading your blog, as you have nobody read your blog and so it doesn’t really matter if you update it or not. But when you have a couple of hundred people viewing your blog per day and have some high expectations and promises, then blogging because a bit of a challenge especially if you have hardly any free time on a few occasions and then there is always a Youtube video to think about. So sometimes my time on the internet can be pretty hectic.

With every blog you always get positive and negative feedback. You know you are doing something right if you get more positive feedback than negative. I suppose I have been rude and obnoxious at times, especially in the past and I used to be like “I don’t care, this is my blog and I’ll do whatever I want with it”, but now when I am typing up some sort of rant, I really try and be careful and not to offend any one. When Stardoll advertised my Guide Around the New Stardoll Website I got so much negative feedback from users, as I called some of the users “moaners and whiners”, I really regret doing so but I’m not going to edit that post. I’m not going to hide what I wrote, it’s part of my blogging past and I’m going to keep it that way. Some people were awfully nice about it, and others called me and my blog “copycats” and some people literally had a swearing rant at me. It wasn’t hard to deal with, I knew that half of the negative feedback was coming from nine year old kids but the most rudest comments I got was from a sixteen year old girl. I would at least expected her to have some manners. I looked back at the comments and I actually apologized, she must have no read it and carried on giving me abusive comments (which I strangely deleted, probably because they made me so angry every time I read over them), I really wish I took that apology back as that girl clearly didn’t deserve it after all the things she said. But what really drives me round the bend is when people rudely give me advice on how to run my blog, when they don’t even have one themselves. It’s like how are you supposed to give someone piano lessons when you can play yourself? And some people just don’t give some respect to others when they have clearly spent a small amount of their time writing a post for some of the ungrateful people out there. But I always dust them off my shoulder and carry on, nothing these days really brings me down. I would probably cry (I’m that emotional) if I had nothing to back me up but with a 2 year old blog and a group of regular readers, I am totally happy and I don’t care what anyone throws at me any more.  I know what mistakes I have made in the past and I have learnt from them and I still am today.

So I hope I stick around this blog for another year or so, it will come to an end one day but for the time being, see you tomorrow 😉

I really thought in this post I would say so many clichéd phrases and become very emotional  haha. When I started typing I was going to give more about me- personally- rather than write about my experiences but y’know you can just read “About Lel” at the top of my blog 😉


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