So I’ve just been reading over my latest posts and I must say I’ve become so drab and dull. I’m ever so sorry, school homework is piling on and then there’s Youtube video to think about.

So for this post I’m just going to talk about small little updates about me and the blog (may be Youtube as well), after all it is “Lel1996’s Stardoll Blog”.

As I speak (well more or less like type), I have 493 subscribers on Youtube and it’s so close to 500! I’m so shocked that it’s been so long since my first video, I remember uploading my first few videos which looking back, makes me blush with horror and think “Why in the world did I upload this?!”. But I suppose I had nobody to look up to or be inspired by as when I first started making videos make-up had just been released and nobody had posted any really good tutorials yet. There were an odd few back then but compared to the present, standards have really rose.

So with that I am going to create my Superstar Code competition very soon. I’ve had it in my head for ages but in a few days it seems like the perfect opportunity.

You see, on the 27th of September I posted my first post on my blog and it will be my 2 year anniversary, also along with that- I’m coming up to 100,000 views on my blog, I think I may have 99,800 at the moment. I would take a snapshot but there’s not a feature for it on the Blackberry but I’ll update this post when I’m on my laptop. The number might not be big in today’s Stardoll Blog standards but hey, it’s just me on this blog with no-one to rely on, usually there’s a big team of writers etc. So I’m pretty chuffed with my acheivements. Back when first started blogging I used to look up to the gossip bloggers with a gigantic number of followers on blogspot, I didn’t want to write about virtual lives but instead of my view on Stardoll. I honestly thought that it was so easy to get a couple of hundred of views a day, oh how wrong was I. Took me a while to sort out my spelling and find my own blogging forte. Stardoll users don’t want to read posts made by some kid with anger issues and terrible spelling. Both which I’ve both “fixed”, I’ve never had anger issues to be honest- I just didn’t know where the balance of rants and updates were and I finally realised that typing two as 2 wasn’t really doing anything for me. And typing I without the capital, just made me seem so childish (in my view).

So everything is coming so nicely together and fingers crossed that tonight I’ll make a few Stardoll Graphics, I’m hoping to create a new Banner for the blog and Youtube and hopefully some for Halloween.

I’ve been practising my photoshop skills, I was deleting a few programmes on my laptop and suddenly saw that I had Adobe Photoshop since 2008, what a waste of GIMP. Although I still prefer GIMP since it’s very user friendly, but Photoshop gives a better quality.

Also for Youtube, I’m creating a series of Celebrity tutorials as I’ve got a long list I’ve collected over the past few months. Looking at my old Demi Lovato and Hayley Williams videos makes me scream in horror. They certainly don’t deserve the thousands of views they have received. I think like that for all my most viewed videos, like Make-up for non-ss as the title is very misleading as well as Purple Flower as the make-up is just dreadful but I’m glad that people still watch them as new Stardoll users can see what the old Stardoll was like. But I always do feel that some of my videos do not deserve any of the views they have received but I like to keep them there to compare them with my old videos and just to see how much I have improved.

Hopefully I will be releasing the contest soon, it’s not going to be like one of the popular stardoll blogs where you can win Rare DKNY or A year’s Superstar membership but I just want to give something back to people who have spent a small amount of their time to read my silly little rants or my horrifying old videos. Rules of course will apply but both Superstars and Non-Superstars are welcome and I might be giving out 2 codes, or may be just one. Still undecided. I’m unsure how I’m going to let the winners receive this code- Stardoll do not give out Mobile Codes any more and going into a strangers account with a credit card, for me is too risky so I might resort to buying a giftcard.

UPDATE: Just on my laptop. Here’s the snapshot:

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