Stardoll Layout Changes

I just logged on Stardoll and I have noticed they have changed the layout, not drastically but there are a few little changes.

Take for example the My Page Tab. Before it looked like this:

(Not my snapshot)

And now it has been updated to this:

They have decreased the size and beforehand it was quite rounded but now it’s just highlighted rectangles. I actually preferred the old version but I like the look of the clean-cut and tidy new layout.

Also the Clubs and The Small Layout on Everyone’s Suite has changed:

I liked the old layout of the Suite Name and Starpoints area, the small ribbon looked really nice but now when we view someone else’s page, it only appears plainly near the top of the page:

Quite bland and boring if I am to be honest.

Since Stardoll have decided to add all these new updates, when will they create a Chat on/off feature ?




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