New Floor in Starplaza- Front Row London

In my opinion, a lot better than New York’s outfit. I love the Bow Detailed Cardigan  and Layered Skirt. Not too keen on the headband, looks like you’ve just stuck a dirty cotton ball on your head. A few items have appeared in the New York Collection but have not yet appeared in the store, strangely enough, yet you can view them in the New Tab in Starplaza. But I see the Bow Necklace has appeared and I can’t wait to buy it.

I’m not sure where Stardoll is taking this inspiration from, for these collections. High street or Designers? Or just the cities in general? Will Milan be next (London, New York and Milan Fashion Weeks)? I thought the style of London was very indie/boho and a bit punk and a lot of edgy clothes yet here on Stardoll they seem very “Prim and Proper”?

Some of the pieces are for non-superstars but it seems that the majority is for Superstars on the London floor. So that guesses it, Stardoll create the better collection for Superstars yet again. Give the Non-Superstars a chance Stardoll.

UPDATE: Strange thing I have just noticed. When you click on any of the pieces on the London floor, on the tag it says it’s from Front Row New York:




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  1. yeah my dad will like this

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