Free Frankie Sunglasses- The Saturdays

To receive the Sunglasses go to the link below:

Fill out the form, doesn’t matter what it contains. You can put a load of jibber-ish and they wouldn’t give a peep.

Enter the competition and go to your Suite and you will have received a giftbox from Stardoll Admin. Open it and the sunglasses should be there.

I’ve actually got the whole of Saturdays new album Headlines (don’t even ask . .), not really my music taste. I can hear lots of auto tuning. But I have to say Higher is very catchy. I’ve already heard three songs off the album through the radio, Missing You is one of the most annoying songs I’ve heard this month. I actually watched Saturdays 24/7 with one of my family members on Saturday night, waste of my time but hey, at least the girls can sing.




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