Mortal Kiss Boyfriend Floor and Male Clothing Floor Released

To visit the store click the link below:

The new items come in 2 different floors. The first is the boyfriend floor and the second is just for males.

I think it was great that Stardoll decided to include the male users of Stardoll into consideration and created a floor for them. I’m not into the whole wear-your-boyfriend’s-clothing thing but I do have to say it actually looks decent. Only outfit I really like from that floor is the Biker Chick outfit, but would never buy the Ruffle Trousers. All items on the Boyfriend are for Superstars with the exception of the Acid Pocket BF T-shirt which is hidden by the large cape.

My favourite item actually has to be the Lucas Burberry Inspired Scarf and Finn’s Askew Cap. Even though both items are in the men’s floor, doesn’t mean us female users can’t buy any of the items šŸ˜‰ The majority of the men’s floor is non-superstar with a few Superstar Jumpers.

I wonder if they will open a few new floors, after all it’s here to stay on until Halloween.





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4 responses to “Mortal Kiss Boyfriend Floor and Male Clothing Floor Released

  1. ilove have aboy friend onstatdoll because you can have friends and family because someare strong they be power ful your kids som,e day there willtake thier shopping’ilove have a star doll boy friend in how do get one please need one you make alot of money jobof crash.youhave agood time at the beach on the su n set and spend anighta theb each.

  2. Anonymous

    i can’t find the store with male clothes

  3. @Anon

    This store closed two years ago, however you still might be able to find the clothes in someone’s Bazaar.

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