Quitting Stardoll?

Before people start asking, no I am not leaving Stardoll.

I see a lot of users on clubs these days with topics such as “I’m leaving Stardoll” or just “I’m leaving this Club”. Then half of the time, the next time I go back on the club they are there again! You can’t officially quit Stardoll, there’s always free will involved. You can give your account away or even delete. Or have a big sell-out sale or sell your rares.

People almost always come back, not even to make a new account but just check how things are going or if anything has changed. Or they go on their previous account and check messages etc.

Personally I could never just leave Stardoll just like that. I’d have to gradually spend less time on this virtual community then slowly leave. I sometimes do think, “What the hell am I doing on Stardoll? I should have grown out of this ages ago” but I’ve spent so long working up my account and WordPress/Youtube, that it would be a shame to waste it all away. I’m sure if I never created my Blog or posted my videos that I would have quit Stardoll a long time ago. But I know there will be one day when I will leave, when I’ve grew tired and finally released that I am wasting all my parents hard earned money on things that I can’t physically feel or when the time comes where I am so obsessed with Stardoll that I choose it over doing Homework or revising for school examinations. Then I’ll definitely know it’s time to go.

Of course everyone leaves websites like Stardoll everyday, it’s not compulsory like eating or sleeping. But it’s just the people who annoy me so much when they create a big scene, a teary goodbye (can you even have that on Stardoll?) and then I see them online in the next week. No one can quit Stardoll just like that, I think you just have to grow very mature in a short space of time or something dramatic happen to just leave in short notice. Usually if you really want to leave Stardoll, I would try giving it a week break and see how you cope, then log in for 12 minutes. If you know you need more time to log in then you really know you’re not ready to leave.

I just think it’s very exhausting when I see posts like these on Stardoll, and it just annoys me so much when people make such a fuss about it. I wouldn’t mind if people just said “Not going to spend much time on Stardoll any more”, but to say you are just leaving in a snap, and it wasn’t on the cards before and come back is just infuriating.

Sorry I know it’s a small snippet of a rant but I just see these posts all the time on Stardoll, and a lot lately this week.





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2 responses to “Quitting Stardoll?

  1. estou saindo pq eu quero

  2. This is not directed at you, so quit whenever you feel like it.

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