Hacks/Cheats/Scams on Stardoll.com [Do they Work? My Guide]

Sorry if I didn’t post earlier today, I went to see Avatar: The Special Edition with a few friends. To be honest, it wasn’t as great as Inception but probably because I had high expectations as everyone I knew who watched it said it was one of the best films of all time. A bit too clichéd but the graphics and 3D usage were amazing.

Now my Hacking & Scamming Guide went down really well but I think it’s time to update.

I always check this website, it’s full of hackers and scammers so I always try to link my blog to warn other users:


It’s all full of:

“Change your e-mail to free-stardoll-superstar@live.com and receive 24 months of Superstar and $4100 stardollars”


“I am Callie.Stardoll and I’m giving out the Employee Code for Free! Just e-mail me your password and account and next time you log in, you’ll be an employee!”

As Stardoll Members we are obsessed with Freebies/Free Stuff and “Cheats”. Not convinced? Take a look.

It’s a sad world.

Now Stardoll are a million dollar making Virtual Game Company. They don’t like members getting free membership or stardollars, another reason why the Stardoll Employee Code does not exist.

But everyone likes free things in life, but as the saying goes “not all things in life are free”.

Sure there has been the infamous “loophole” scandal among the “elites” and a couple of glitches here and then but there seriously are no ways to get free Superstar or Stardollars etc.

If you had a website with over 73 million users online, you would seriously keep an eye on security/cheats/hacks/scams? Sadly Stardoll don’t really look into the cases and before the Big Stardoll Makeover 2010 they wouldn’t give a slight peep at any of the hacking cases but now I think they’re doing a lot better. I sent them a fake situation and this is what the automated machine replied:

(Click to enlarge)

This is what they sent:

Hi lel1996,
Thanks for getting in touch with us.

Chain mails and cheats never work on Stardoll, but we do see a lot of them. They are usually about how to get free Stardollars, makeovers or gifts but can come in all sorts of different forms. Don’t be fooled by them and don’t send them around – they are a waste of time and not a very nice trick to play on other people.
The users who send these chain mails or cheats risk getting their accounts deleted; this is definitely against the Stardoll rules!

Please remember, all messages from Stardoll in your Stardoll Message Central are always marked with the Stardoll logo. Also remember that we will NEVER ask you for your password for any reason, if you get a letter that does, don’t give yours out!

Yours Truly,
The Stardoll Staff

Note: Stardoll Customer Service makes every effort to answer inquiries in received
language. However, we may answer your inquiry in English, which is the
default language for all communications on our site.

You wrote:
Someone asked me they could give me the Employee Stardoll code if I gave them my password or changed my e-mail address, should I trust them?

Another reason why the Stardoll Employee Hack is not real. Why would Stardoll Staff/Employee ask you for your password? They can easily find it on their database themselves.

Also if you check this part of the Help section on Stardoll’s website they even give an example:

(Click to enlarge)

It’s nice of Stardoll to have a little section but it’s seriously not enough. Probably 95% of the Hacking Cases are because of the Stardoll Employee Code or Password Makeovers etc.

I said in a very old post, that with the new Official Stardoll Blog, that Stardoll should frequently post information about Hackers/Scammers and how to prevent it, instead of leaving us users/bloggers to do so. I mean if you had a hacker on chat, you wouldn’t go all the way to the Help section to see if it was true or not.

Chainmails are annoying, but they don’t really do anything except spam the whole site. Hacking and Scamming are more crucial, well I think personally.

So I have decided to create an updated version, but not types of Hacking & Scamming, but ways to prevent it.

1. Password

Now this is the main goal of the hacker, to figure out your password and there are many ways to do so. But you need to make sure it’s not an easy password to guess like:





To check how secure your password is click the link below:


Usually I find it fun coming up with random passwords, If you are struggling with finding a difficult password, what I usually do is pick 2-3 random things on my desk and random numbers.

For Example:


And on How Secure is you Password it would take a computer

About 1,873,469,891 nonillion years to crack your password.

When you are using that website I suggest you reach for octillion years, anything below I wouldn’t suggest using it. If you struggle with remembering your Password, I suggest writing it in a Word Document and keeping it on a USB Stick so nobody that’s goes on your PC or Laptop will find it, or hide the document somewhere in your computer but don’t save it as “Stardoll Password” just put something like “School Essay” and paste your password there.

2. Change Your Password Regularly

I wouldn’t suggest keeping the same password for more than month so change your password regularly.

3. Never share your Password with anyone

Now I’ve heard some pretty dramatic things between friends on Stardoll, about how people share their passwords and they back-stab the other user and their friendship is gone after that. I suggest never sharing your password with anyone, even if they are your Best Friend sometimes they turn around, when you don’t even notice, and change all of a sudden. I mean, hey we’re teenagers/tweens, it’s a part of growing up. So if you do really care about your Stardoll account, I really don’t suggest sharing your password with anybody.

And don’t fall for the trick:

You tell me your password and I’ll tell you mine.

Because as soon as you give them your password, they’ll give you a fake and within 2 minutes they’ll be in your account.

4. Reference Code

Now the Reference Code is the only thing that can save your account, when the hacker has stolen your account. It is the only proof, to Stardoll Staff, that you are really who you say you are.

You may receive this code when you create your Stardoll account or when you buy a Superstar Code and in your e-mail receipt. If you have deleted this e-mail, then I am unsure how to find it out again. So always save these e-mails because they will come in handy when you’re in need.

About 2 years ago, there used to be lots of Piczo sites on Stardoll cheats. I used to be very naive and think they would all work, but really behind all these sites were hackers. But they were all asking for passwords and e-mails but there was one particular site that was asking for Reference Codes. I thought it was a bit strange, but I now know why they did this. See once they find out the code, they can Contact Stardoll Staff and claim that your account has been stolen, and Stardoll will send them a new password.

Nobody falls for that trick any more because when you do receive your reference code in an e-mail, this appears:

(Click to enlarge)

5. E-mail

Never change your e-mail address on Stardoll, I tried to change my e-mail address but I didn’t get any confirmation e-mail like a year ago, so it’s pretty easy for someone to change your e-mail when they are on your account.

What I suggest is never have the same password for your e-mail and Stardoll. This means that not only could the hacker hack your Stardoll account but also your personal e-mail address.

But I think Stardoll has tackled the issue, now they only show the first 3 letter or your e-mail and the @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com

Unless you tell the hacker yourself about your e-mail account.

6. Suite/Presentation Password Makeover

If you are ever in need of a Suite/Presentation Makeover I suggest advertising on one of the main clubs. Original Club has banned promoting this just recently, so I suggest not going there.

Always ask for a Tinypic beforehand and check their references. Reason why you should ask on clubs is because the club members can easily spot a hacker for you as they go on these clubs regularly.

I really don’t suggest asking for a password makeover, look tutorials on Youtube where there are hundreds of videos on how to’s.

7.  Do not fall for any Scams

Not matter how many people recommend it, do not fall for any scams/cheats. And no matter how good to be true it sounds, use your common sense. It’s pretty hard to receive 20,000 Stardollars in one go.

I’ve learnt from previous experiences in this field.

This was probably almost a year ago or may be even further back than that. I was on Animal-Lovers and over the past few days, probably twenty-or-so people kept posting discussions saying:


And all these people who kept posting this, or agreeing with this person were Superstar- had a vary of high and low starpoints and didn’t seem to be connected in any way at all and so many people had recommended it. I was so gullible I fell for it, and added this person on my old MSN. I knew it sounded far-fetched so I decided I would give her my other spare account. I asked her a few questions, I was still young and immature and I thought she was the real deal and I told her the user-name, and gave her the password. This person must have had a lot of people adding her because it took 4 minutes every time for her to reply to me. I was still on Animal-Lovers, and then this girl posted on the discussion

“This is a hacker, My best friend who had a Superstar account fell for this and she has taken her account and changed the password. Don’t fall for these people because it’s just the hacker who has stolen their accounts!”

It made sense . . so I quickly went to my Superstar Spare Account and changed the password. When I went back to chat to “Callie” she said I had given her the wrong password. I said she was a hacker then she spent ages trying to persuade me, and then she started getting very abusive and so then I blocked her and thanked the girl on Animal-Lovers. I’ll never forget that night, because I had been so foolish. So people, learn from my mistake.

8. Join Prevention Hacking/Scamming Clubs

On these clubs you can find the latest Hacking/Scam cases, report other users that need to be deleted and you can receive advice from other users that have been in the same situation as yourself.

Destroy.Hackers with 5770 members:


REPORT_ACTION with 1177 members:


HACKER.HATERS with 1333 members:


Scammer-Checker with 1323 members:


Stopscamming with 3183 members:


NO-TO-SCAMMERS with 2537 members:


Updating Post very soon . .





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  4. wow great website 🙂 i agree with all of it. this must have taken forever to make…

  5. Thank you ^-^. Didn’t take me too long, I suppose it is all worth it in the end.

  6. I want to be a ss sooo much I was once but some how my ” parents ” thinks its useless,, so cam I be an employee I am responsible and helpful I never cheated on stardoll! I know that it is not good to lie and cheat.


  8. @Ronnie

    Can you read properly?

  9. cuteypie123

    every member on stardoll must admitt they have try’d the chain mail cheatt i dont know about the cheats where yo have to add ppl they take so long but do they work?? xxx ❤

  10. AliceIzzy454

    I don’t think people realize that employee means you work for them. A little 9 year old kid can’t just become one.

  11. I think this is all tru but its unfair for the people whoa rent superstars and most but not all superstars are stuck up!

  12. @Emrediscool

    I never said anything about Superstars being stuck up..?

  13. shewasonceit

    I am shocked that on the photo taken from YouTube it says ‘Stardoll Passwords’

  14. Anonymous

    My password would take about 282 sexdecillion years to be hacked. :3

  15. but i think its not fare to ppl who want to be a stardoll supertsra i mean WHY DOY OU HAVE OT PAY ITS JUST A GAME you know but you know what callie.starol is my friend on stardol and i keep on asking her..” PLEASE DPN TLT US PAY I MEAN ITS A FAKE DOLL YOU KNO I MENA LIEK ITS NO TLIKE YOU BEING A REAL SUPERSTAR NOW IS It thumbs uup if you agree