September Hotbuys 2010

I know this is a bit late.

To see the Hotbuys for yourself click the link below:

To see what the Hotbuys look like on an ordinary Medoll:

It’s actually quite a nice collection, nothing too extreme or bland. Favourite items have to be the Umbrella/Leather Jacket and StopWatch Necklace. Not really fond of the Purple Jumper/Dress but other than that, I think this Hotbuys Month is actually fine.

Here is a useful Calendar marking when a new Hotbuys will appear:

The Felt Hat is already in Starplaza in the Decades Store:





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5 responses to “September Hotbuys 2010

  1. Pop

    I love
    Robert pattinson

  2. erin

    what about the hot buys bikini? maybe its old but its in the starplaza..

  3. Oh really?
    What shop is it in? 🙂

  4. erin

    its in bisou its like black with pink trim and the bottoms are high waisted kinda

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