New Sunny Bunny Floor in Starplaza

This really annoyed me . . I was finding all the spoilers taking snapshots individually 47 times , I finally finished the Dot Spoilers, then I seen someone with the Sunny Bunny Bow so I checked the store and there they were. All for nothing . .

Favourite Products have to be the Giant Panda Ears and Earrings and Charm. Also the Fake Lashes, I think everyone was waiting for wearable eye-lashes. But altogether the Black eyelashes cost $20! I love the Star Eye Sticks, really reminds me of Kiss (The Rock Band, teenagers probably recognise them from Glee in the Lady Gaga Tribute episode). I love this store more than the last one.

At the moment I can’t check the eye-contacts but I prefer the last collection’s but I like the Red normal eye-contacts (not the snake slit ones).




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