New Dot Collection Spoilers- August 2010

This seems like a bland collection . . I’m not inspired to do a Youtube video by any products at all.

I love the Purple and Emerald Eye-Shadow’s and the Lilac Shade-stick. Also the Light Pink and Coral/Pink Lipstick. I don’t like any of the blushes, Why would I want to wear Purple Blusher? Really reminds me of Ilamasqua.

Since the new collection is coming soon, I highly expect the Dot collection in Starplaza is going to leave soon, so if you are a Superstar I suggest you buy what you need right now.





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7 responses to “New Dot Collection Spoilers- August 2010

  1. hi!!! can u help me? does the stardoll shops still sell that red ip liner thingy , ive seen it in loads of ppls houses but cant get hold of it anywere! thnk u if u no ! and if u dont know 2!

  2. @Abbi

    Hey, Sadly you cannot buy the Lip Liner anymore as it was a part of the Sephora collection which has long been gone from Starplaza.

  3. okay how do u get it

  4. Go t Starplaza, click on Beauty then clic on the Dot logo. There will be make-up but not those colours since this is an old post.

  5. Katie

    Actually all these colors and MORE are available if u search!
    i have everything from this collection except 5 of the lipsticks i dont like and the blushers.
    but i have 2 lipsticks,all 3 eyeshadows and all 6 shadesticks.
    they are available still for anyone who wants them!

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