Free Stardoll TV and Pig

Watch the recent Stardoll TV Episode.

Click here or the link below:

(Both Links will open new windows)

You must be from the UK to watch this video, so if you are not use a UK proxy server:

Go to the Proxy Sever and paste the URL. Log In, just click Play on the video. You do not need to watch it all (I certainly don’t). Log Out and Stop the Proxy Server. Go back to as you usually do, then go to your Suite and you should have 2 gift boxes from Stardoll Admin.





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3 responses to “Free Stardoll TV and Pig

  1. ništa nemam za komentirat

  2. i like this car please give me

  3. ciao anke io sono di stardoll e sono una SUPERSTAR evvai! tu 6 bellissima mi dai qualche consiglio per diventare così bella come te? ti prego!!!!!!!