Patchwork Bag back in Starplaza

Wow . . I originally bought this bag in 2006 when I first joined Stardoll. It used to be hidden in my wardrobe but when I finally wore it, I had lots of people in my guestbook asking me if I was trading/selling. I had no idea of it’s worth. Then I was hacked by squidward22 and I was so upset that I’d lost something that I had bought in 2006. So I went searching round people’s suites and the asking price was over $500 stardollars and I couldn’t afford that, I almost gave in but thank gosh I didn’t! I’m now so glad that it’s back in Starplaza but of course it won’t have the same momentum as my old bag since it was my original one.

Old snapshot of my account Before I was hacked:

I haven’t seen my Starbazar sales in ages, I forgotten I had most things.

Patchwork now in Starplaza:

I feel a shame for the people who bought this bag at a large price but hey, the world isn’t fair. It’s being sold at $7 but I originally paid for this at $6




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