How to save Stardollars/Money on Stardoll

Now we all know that Stardoll is a bit expensive and a rip-off, there’s no denying that. So here are some of my tips to keep your pennies safe. Some tips are only really for Superstars so I’m really sorry.

1. Play and Earn

Now I know some people just use their Play & Earn in 14 days to earn their Play & Earn Collectible but saving your Play & Earn can really help you sometimes. Instead of every time you’re online and use your Play & Earn, you can save it for other days when you are actually going to buy something from Starplaza/SuiteShop/Starbazar etc.

Just say today there was nothing that I wanted to buy in Starplaza or anywhere else. I wouldn’t earn my Play & Earn. Next day a new Tribute store is released, dresses might be $37 stardollars but I could save $5 of my own by earning Play & Earn on that specific day instead of earning my Play & Earn the day before and buying something that I didn’t even want in the first place.

2) Enter Stardoll competitions

By doing so, sometimes you receive free gifts from Stardoll and plus you will have a chance of winning the prize/stardollars even if the chances are pretty slim.

3) Use proxy servers

Almost every blog about Stardoll has posted a few proxy cheats where you can receive lots of free gifts from Stardoll. By using the guides on these blogs you can earn up to 7-5 free gifts a month which range from clothing, to decorations for your suite etc.

4) To buy or not to buy?

A year ago, whenever I went to Starplaza and I seen something that I liked, I would just go and buy it. I used to spend lots of my real money buying clothes and make-up on Stardoll that I didn’t even use and topping up almost every 3 weeks was tiring. So now when I see something that I like, if it’s cheaper than $7 stardollars I will use my Play & Earn. If it’s not then I think whether I should wait for the sale next season or to buy it now. Usually I’ll try to figure out if I can create an outfit that I’ll actually wear, and if I can’t then I leave it and wait for the sale. It takes patience but it saves me lots of Stardollars.

Now you can’t really do this with Tribute stores, or Miss Sixty etc. because now at the end of the limited time there is no sale so I don’t really use this method. When the store first opens I only buy a few items or just one or two, then through the month I’ll buy a few bits and bobs or I’ll just buy every item I want when the store is about to leave starplaza.

5) Starbazar

I know a lot of people design a lot of clothing/interior and then sell on Starbazar for profit. Now you have to create a design in which someone will actually buy it for what it is worth. There is no point putting up some plain design on Starbazar for $77 stardollars because no one will buy it. I’ve seen lots of tutorials on Youtube on how to create Hello Kitty/Pucca designs etc. so you can use them, buy your designs and then sell for $1-$3 stardollar profit. But people will only buy your designs if they’re good enough.

Follow tutorials like these:

Also selling your junk on Starbazar is a good wait to gain Stardollars. Now I never sell any of my items, because I like to keep them all so I’ve never really used this method. But you have to put up items that people might actually want to buy. Putting up last month’s Hotbuys Jacket for $200 stardollars is a big NO, because no one will ever buy it. But if you are going to sell junk items, at least look around other people’s Starbazar and check their prices before you set your’s.

6) Be careful which codes you buy

This actually only depends on which method you buy your codes. Usually I pay by mobile, I pay £5 for a month’s superstar and about $200 stardollars. If I run out of stardollars, I do not buy the £5 Stardollar top up. Instead I always buy the £2 Stardoll top up for only 100 stardollars. Reason being is because if I have a lot of Stardollars, I have a tendency to buy everything that I want in one go. It might not be the same for some people. But if I run out on my Stardollar top up quickly, then I get another £2 Stardollar top up again.

£5 Stardollar top up gives me $250 stardollars where as if I buy two of the £2 stardollar top up I’m paying £4 for $200 stardollars. I’ve saved £1, even though I might have received $50 more stardollars- to be honest it’s not that much.

Although I haven’t “saved” any money to be frank. Because $50 stardollars= £1 but after I’ve used up all those stardollars it would be time for me to update my Superstar membership so I saved £1 on my mobile credit for that. And when you buy Superstar Membership, stardollars come along with it.

Hopefully I will be adding more tips soon, I just though I would add this quick post. I’m trying to upload my new Youtube video but my Video Editor doesn’t feel like working today.





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3 responses to “How to save Stardollars/Money on Stardoll

  1. kk

    r u a stardoll staff if u r i reaaaly neeed more stardollers god bless u if u give me them thz bye bye:))))))))

  2. kk

    if u r i reaaaly neeed more stardollers god bless u if u give me them thz bye bye:))))))))

  3. @kk

    No sorry, I am not Stardoll Staff.

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