Sunny Bunny & Super Supreme Stores Out!

So Stardoll decided to release both stores on the same day. Sunny Bunny earlier today, and Super Supreme later in the day.

I saw the banner for the Sunny Bunny store on the Stardoll Billboard  and I have to say . .  WHAT? To me that doll was supposed to look like a Lolita but failed miserably.

I think it was supposed to look something like this:

But ended up, somehow looking like this:

That doll looks dreadful, they should have given her a Lolita-like dress and plus seriously they should have had a few other models because that doll is just wearing too much! But that’s just my opinion.

The new Super Supreme Store was released. The Thriller Michael Jackson Doll was first to sell out costing $75 Stardollars.

I’ve decided not to buy anything, just because nothing really caught my eye plus if I bought a doll I wouldn’t know where to place it in my Suite since I’m not a big fan of decorating.




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