Why is Callie.Stardoll Covergirl? [My Theory] 3/8/2010

What . . .?

Is it fair for Stardoll Staff to become Covergirl when 10’s of girls spend over Thousands of stardollars on broadcast to compete for Covergirl?

My theory is that beforehand (before the big Stardoll Makeover 2010) Callie’s Covergirl stars were turned off but due to the new Makeover everything was refreshed and her stars were turned on for some reason. I haven’t yet been able to find out how to turn your stars on or off. Anyways when you become a new member it says Callie.Stardoll has viewed your page. New members click on her profile, don’t know any better and rate her 5 stars. Thousands of people join Stardoll every day so that means quite a lot of votes. But that’s just what I think

At least it’s better than some bribing Covergirl . .




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