Why Stardoll has Superstar and Non-Superstar

So I recently received a comment which got my brain thinking. This person said she wanted there to be no Superstar any more so that Stardoll.com could be equal for everyone.

Now I know many people think like this, and I understand where these people are coming from but these things will never happen. If there was no Superstars on Stardoll then Stardoll.com would not exist.

Now once you get older you’ll be able to understand that things in life are not always free. As they say ” Money makes the World go round” and it really does.

The people who control Stardoll aren’t there to control Stardoll so that all the members of Stardoll can be happy and satisfied, but they are there to make money and they get that money by users paying for Superstar. It would be really nice if that wasn’t the case but I think mostly everyone knows that.

Now if everything was equal I think Stardoll would be a bit 2D. Now I’m Superstar so it’s probably going to be a bit biased since I haven’t been a Non-Superstar for a long period of time ever since I joined Stardoll, except when I left Stardoll for breaks. But I remember when I first became Superstar, I was so excited and I headed to the Shop (there was no Starplaza) straight away! Now if there wasn’t Superstar, yes everything would be equal, but Stardoll would be on the risk of closing down the site and there wouldn’t be any Real Brands and we would be left with Pretty and Pink and Dot etc. if Stardoll still existed.

Now all sites are like this, not just Stardoll. Recently on Roi-World you can pay for Tokens to pay for new clothes for your Avatar. I-dressup you can pay for Diamond Membership. Cartoon Doll Emporium you can buy Premium Membership and become a Diamond Princess Member. And what I really dislike about Cartoon Doll Emporium is that they have a list so you can see the richest members online, which I think is sick because I’m sure a lot of young children visit this website and it’s basically encouraging them to buy from their website.

And big websites like Youtube and Google are also there for money. Youtube has the Partners programme, where you get paid for all the views and comments etc. but you need over 10,000 subscribers and many other demands have to be made. If you are ever on Youtube and if you watch a video there are always advertisements at the side and sometimes Youtube Stars are paid to advertise for some products.

So you see, if Stardoll didn’t have Superstar/Non-superstar there would be no such thing as Stardoll.com any more

This is just my view on it, if Stardoll wasn’t looking for our money then I’m sure Stardoll would be a lot different from what it is now





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15 responses to “Why Stardoll has Superstar and Non-Superstar

  1. heartquake

    i agree with you!!!

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  5. BarbieNBallet

    Oh Great. CDE[Cartoon Doll Emporium] I am a Diamond Princess member there, but only because this really nice girl [ Who I think is a stalker]paid it for me. I know about the list, because one of my best friends was on there and now they are all popular and ignore me.
    I’m glad stardoll doesn’t have that.

  6. Lai-Lai

    I wish that there was an alternative way of getting Superstar-dom, like how for i-Dressup you install their toolbar for free premium membership & on others, you allow advertisements to be shown/emailed & after you watch them, they reward you with game currency or a special item.

  7. Wow Really?
    I used to have an account for I-dressup but gave up after, I so badly wanted to become Diamond but couldn’t pay for both I-dressup and Stardoll.
    Makes me want to join again =L
    It would be great if Stardoll had the same scheme although with so many members, I think they would be too frighted to give out too many free items. They have a tendency of being greedy as we all well know.

  8. what i don’t realy get it at all ??

  9. Basically it’s for money.

  10. Angiepwns

    ya your right i understand because people have to pay for website upgrades and things…… like http://www.ourworld.com i used to have membership on that but i wish i had stardoll instead

  11. a better way they could get money now that the site is big enough is well advertisements which will keep all it’s members happy and the companies will get what they want; customers it would be a win win win situation for all including companies consumers and stardoll then all will be happy 🙂

  12. @Shannayy

    No it wouldn’t work, that is why nothing in life is free. Stardoll want profit – you’re not going to get that all from advertisements. It isn’t a game to them, it is a business. Almost every online community website has membership – Club Penguin, Runescape etc.

  13. Awhh thanks so much for including my comment. It’s nice to know that you take the time to read through everyone’s comments 🙂

  14. Sorry about the comment above, that was supposed to be in the “Your Views” section. Silly me :L

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