400 Subscribers on Youtube

I’ve now got exactly 400 subscribers on Youtube! A big Thank you to all those who have subscribed to my channel.

As promised I will be giving out 1 Superstar code but I’m not sure when, since I need to buy the Giftcard.

If you’re subscribed to my channel you could have the chance of winning 1 month of Superstar and $200 stardollars. If you haven’t already subscribed then I suggest you do so for a chance to take part.

I still need to figure out how I’m going to organise this contest since I want everyone to be able to have the chance of winning. It might just be a raffle or some questions or a make-up contest.

I really hope I could give the code away to someone who’s never been Superstar or had the chance to.

Also I have changed the settings on my Blog so anyone can comment without me having to approve, just because I was getting tired of approving comments all day. Also you don’t need to leave your e-mail address, as I think it’s a bit intruding, although if you have asked me a question and you really want a reply then I suggest you leave your e-mail address and click the notify me box below it so you know I’ve replied.




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