Stardoll- My Verdict Part 5

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted one of these up, more than a year to be exact and now that it’s off the front page of Stardoll I can finally get back to proper blogging. Now before I start writing I must have to say these are my opinions and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me here. It’s my blog and it’s all about my views around Stardoll so I think I can write whatever I like. I know myself what I can/cannot post, as I’ve learnt over the years from my mistakes.

Now I think I’ve talked about this over the past few Verdicts and that is Covergirl. It’s probably want everyone on Stardoll strives to be. When I posted my second verdict where I think I discussed something about Covergirl it was all very innocent. You would just get spammers in your Guestbook and in your album or in your Mail. But now it’s all changed! Girls/Boys are now spending thousands of stardollars on broadcast and people have even resulted into using bribery!

Now I’ve posted a handful of topics about this bribery business. I think it’s okay to waste thousands of your own Stardollars on broadcast, it’s your Stardoll account and you can do whatever you want but I just think that it should not be allowed to bribe. I’m not too sure what the definition of the Covergirl ever was, it was just some lucky person who got to be on the front of Stardoll, earn $25 and a wee little ribbon. But now it’s some fiasco where you get a large trophy and where you have to waste maybe over £25 in real life money to achieve. I used to think Covergirl was this little innocent part of Stardoll, if you had a lot of loyal friends and they voted you then it would be likely that you would be Covergirl. Back in 2006 there was no clubs or comment sections on dress-up games and definitely no broadcast  and the only way you could find people was if they had your e-mail address or they were your real life friends or if you happened to know their username for stardoll or if you seen them on the latest visitors of another member.

But I can’t see why it is necessary to bribe other users, some people think it’s fair because they get to be Covergirl and they have a chance of winning a rare item or superstar membership. But what are the chances? The chances of you getting the “prize” of the raffle. Thousands of people must vote for this person for them to gain covergirl now so out of thousands, winning the prize is pretty slim.

I just think it’s a shame that something that used to be quite innocent has turned into something like this.

Now a big topic that’s been happening for a few months is the prices in Starplaza and in the Suite Shop. The prices have drastically risen. It used to be $5-$7 stardollars for a normal dress on Stardoll for Superstars. We didn’t have brands back in 2006 but only the normal Stardoll shops like Stardoll, Pretty in Pink, Fudge etc. but now for a normal dress from Pretty in Pink it’s now $14! Now I realise that Stardoll need to keep the site running, the more members there are, the more money they need to keep the site going. But they get Stardollars out of everything!

Starbazar/Play & Earn (once you spend your money)/ Us paying for membership and Stardollars/Suite Shop/ Starplaza/ Design Studios/ Styling Studio/Interior Design

I understand why the Brand clothes are expensive and the Limited Edition and Antidote but for normal clothes it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Stardoll should increase the amount of Stardollars we get by buying membership. In the middle of every month I have to buy extra Stardollars just because mines have all ran out and I only buy things from Starplaza, it’s very rare if I buy anything from the Suite Shop any more.

Now what really annoys me about Stardoll is the way Stardoll treat Hacker/Scammer cases. I was hacked once, don’t know how, and I lost everything! I contacted Stardoll and they didn’t even shut down the other person’s account. I was still logged on at the time when the hacker was on my account, so I think Stardoll should monitor how many people are on one account at the one time (if that makes any sense). It’s easy for someone to log into Stardoll in the US and for someone in France to log in on the same account at the same time. I really don’t have any realistic ideas on how they could solve this but it’s just a problem that annoys me a lot.

Now back to the subject of Hacker and Spammer cases. At the time when someone hacked my account Stardoll didn’t do anything for me, I was lucky that the Hacker didn’t change my password or e-mail but just took my rares. But they didn’t offer in consolation or do anything about this hacker. They just left the case alone and I got tired of contacting them all the time so I just left it. I’m not sure if this has changed any more as it’s been a long time.

I think Stardoll should bring awareness to the many different ways someone could hack into your account on the Official Stardoll Blog:

Having a banner “NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD” on the Stardoll site, that pops up everyday or so in between the tiring advertisements.

Stardoll must get a lot of mail from their users about how they were hacked, couldn’t Stardoll use this and warn their members about how to avoid being hacked and all the different ways:

Neverpassword.jpg Never give password image by MeliAdri




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