159 responses to “Guide around the new Stardoll Website

  1. Chinchillasrus

    Thanks!! It rocksss!

  2. deering

    You have got to be kidding me.Stardoll is promoting this?So they’re basically saying “Listen all you whiners,If you click on tons of buttons,adjust your screen settings,and figure out how to zoom every time you wanna read something,Stardoll is better than before!”Right?Come on!

  3. Lelly

    I’ve got nothing to do with Stardoll Staff or anything of the sort, so they’re not promoting anything.
    I was just trying to help people, as I seen a lot in the comments that people couldn’t find things, it’s easy once you figure it out. It isn’t rocket science! The only reason why people are saying it is confusing is because we’ve been used to the same website for 4-5 years and now it’s a big change which some people have to deal with

  4. Lelly

    Well sorry to offend you, all I was actually talking about was those who post frequently “OLD STARDOLL BACK” and for those childish people who think Stardoll could change it’s layout back to the old one in an hour, the Stardoll website isn’t a Word Document. All I’m trying to say is people shouldn’t be criticising Stardoll on the blog comments, they won’t read them. If you want to give Stardoll constructive criticism you go on the FEEDBACK back where they WILL read it. Special blogs??? And this was basically an FAQ. You do understand there are a younger users on Stardoll and I was just trying to help like any person would. And the site is “easy and pleasant to navigate” you just need to look around and explore the new website for a while. What do mean it’s not an improvement? Of course when a site changes it’s entire layout people are going to find it confusing at first! Do you expect Stardoll to make it a children’s website and all big capital letters and bold colours, because that was exactly what Stardoll was before. I’ve been on this site since 2006 and it needed a change for a long time. If people really hate the new Stardoll why don’t they leave until Stardoll create an optional suggestion of some sort? People have to get a grip and face the facts that the makeover is staying and criticising it all the time on the comment section is not going to help, the only place that you need to give it to is the Feedback section on the Stardoll website where they will actually read it. I never meant to offend anyone so I apologise but it is getting tiring that people can’t deal with the new Stardoll.

  5. monkeycats2710

    Why can’t Kid Safe members make friends with other stardolls

  6. Lelly

    Sorry forget the first part I said in reply to your comment. I’ve just seen the front page of Stardoll . . .
    And Stardoll never said that, I was the one that made the tutorial

  7. Thank you! I found this extremely helpful

  8. Thank you. Lol
    Some people really need to stop whining about it and either read this or go exploring.

    When the makeover happened i spent 3 hours exploring the site and getting to know it.
    Only wish the whiners would stop. X]

  9. ovva

    Seriously, Back off! Her intentions were good! I appritiate this really and I’ll have to say thx 😉
    And don’t mind the whiners… I think you did a great job and thx for taking the time to do this!
    I’ve found my way around but it has been hard but fun to get to learn the new site so I don’t mind the change 🙂

  10. MelissaB12

    Where are the free animals what we get every month?

  11. Lelly

    It’s already in the guide. It’s the endangered species question =)

  12. Hmmm.. I already knew this already but thank you!!
    You made a very good point replying to @deering.

    Thanksss 🙂

  13. Mi.

    This people who keeps whining and saying that hate the makeover don’t seem to really like stardoll.

    For me, it was a pleasure to explore the new site and find out lots of new stuff, see how they were looking like after the change and so on.

    It was actually fun and after about some time doing that, all my doubts about it were gone.

  14. Im pretty sure she never meant whining and toughin it up guys she just wanted to be helpfull

  15. Ember

    I allready knew all of this because I did go and explore it…I had an account before the makeover so it isn’t much a change to me. I personaly think it was nice of you to make thins, and you made the tutorial,too? That’s awesome. Those who complain and say it’s “not user friendly” and what ever should find out how to use it and explore…Sites are much easyer to use after you know how to use them and where every thing is…

  16. Ember

    I left out a part DX the account I had before the makover I never used… that’s why it isn’t much of a change to me… but I had to make a new one because I forgot my username andpassword it had been so long but my e-mail wasn’t in use… v.v any ways… thanks! Even if I didn’t use this information it’s still helpful! I am Ember and I aprove this message!!! =)

  17. mgirl07

    i do NOT have the stars for voting covergirl! it’s just like empty space!

  18. okay this helps, but seriously there are some really young girls on this website so do you honestly expect a 10 year old learning how to do this?

  19. Lelly

    You cannot vote for yourself for Covergirl. It only appears on other people’s suites and some people have the option not to be in the Covergirl Contest. As in the de-activate the stars because they’re parents won’t let them or they don’t want to be covergirl

  20. Lelly

    Half of this, as in the guide, is using common sense and just exploring the site. Probably because I’ve typed it all out it seems confusing. If I used Snapshots and pictures it would look a lot simpler. It’s not rocket science . .

  21. Why are you guys so harsh? Shes JUST trying to help you guys out and take you a tour for around Stardoll. You guys should THANK her! And I’m talking to all of the people who keep on moaning “Oh, I cant find this.” and “Oh, I cant find that.” It’s stupid and yet, ANNOYING! So calling her out on it is just making yourself look LAME. Theres a reason why she got put on the Stardoll home page…and why YOU didn’t.

  22. Kylee

    Hey how do you edit your me doll?

  23. Zaidaaa.

    hey guyi just wanted to know how you can make it eazy enough that younger childrenz know howto uze it 😀 byes,Zaidaaa.

  24. Lelly

    Click on My Page, then Beauty Parlour =)

  25. brighouser

    i had fun learning my way around stardoll and i did it in 10mins because i was on holiday and i paid a euro for 10mins on a public computer

    it was like a little challenge


  26. Lelly

    If you had no intentions of using this guide why did you click on my Blog?
    I never knew Stardoll was going to post this on their website, I just thought may be 100 or so of my fellow readers would read this post. I never knew thousands of people were going to look at my blog in one day and my readers know what I’m usually like.
    fyi i wasn’t offending those who were having trouble I was talking about the people who were constantly complaining in the comments sections.
    I was having a great day, my blog was on the front page of Stardoll, but this is just getting tiresome.
    And it’s not my fault the “helpful and sympathetic” girls didn’t get their blogs on the front page, Stardoll didn’t even notify me about anything.
    I always say what I think on this blog, people just aren’t used to it because they only clicked on here because of the link from the front page, I don’t usually give out advice or support and even if I did I wouldn’t give it to you.
    I was just trying to be helpful to people and if you would of read my other posts before this, you might of seen what I meant by the moaners and whiners.
    Please don’t reply to this because I’m getting tired of people backlashing me, I just said what was on my mind plus I never new masses of people would see that post, just my normal readers. I’m trying to have a nice evening, and I can be bothered arguing with someone I don’t even know and there isn’t even a point in arguing over something as stupid as this. I just posted a tutorial, said what was on my mind at that moment in time so just leave me alone ¬_¬

  27. I get how to do things around here now but thanks anyway !!!

  28. hi!!!! can i ask, how do you log out of your account? if i have to go eat dinner or something like that, how do i log out. please write back as SOON as you get this!!!!!
    THANKS!!! =)

  29. Lelly

    At the top of the page, where you see the small picture of yourself, number of stardollars and starpoints. In that small cube at the top of it, there is a small red symbol, click on and it should log you out

  30. at the top of the page,where you see the small picture of yourself, number of stardollars and starpoins. in that small cube at the top of it,there is a small red simbol, click on and it should log you out.

  31. at the top of page¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  32. deering

    Just wanted to add that your guide is great.I don’t think any negative comments are meant for you personally at all.It seems you’re taking it that way but everyone knows you didn’t make over stardoll.You’re just trying to help.And you did.As for people saying people are constantly whining and moaning,I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion.That’s why we have the comment section in blogs.And since this makeover was such a drastic change,it was to be expected that people would either love it or hate it.And if they hate it,they have every right to have their voice heard.Maybe they feel better after they leave their say.And if they love it,then that’s great.But I don’t think the “LOVE IT”comments should be the only ones people are allowed to leave.People were given a voice and they’re gonna use it.Especially when everything gets changed up at once on a site we’ve come to know inside and out for years.

  33. Lelly

    Thank you for your comment. I understand that, I apologise to everyone if I ever came across in a rude manner. What I forgot to mention was that “moaners and whiners” were not aimed for everyone in the comment section, it was those girls who kept typing “OLD STARDOLL BACK” and those who kept typing “I hate the new makeover”. If any one had bothered to read the post I posted about dealing with the new makeover you would of seen what I meant. It was not intended for the everyone, as someone people thought it was. It might have come across that way but it serisously wasn’t intended that way. Plus I never knew thousands of girls were going to view my blog today, I seriously thought it would just be a few hundred like usual. I’m not going to delete what I said in the post, because I’m not going to cover what I wrote, because I don’t want to seem like a coward- hiding the truth and that’s not who I am. But “moaners and whiners” were not for everyone in general, but for a few certain people. And thank you for your comment again- calmed me down a lot since the last girl posted…. I’m not used to this since usually the people who normally read my blog agree with me and as I said before, I wasn’t expecting thousands of people to read my blog tonight

  34. deering

    No problemo!I just was thinking maybe you were feeling a little bit like you were under attack.I’m sure it came as quite a surprise to see your blog posted up in stardoll today!But no comments are aimed at you.People are just frustrated I guess.You’re doing a great job on your blog and I’m sure it’s a great help to many stardoll members.Especially the new and young ones!Thanks to you too!

  35. bungbung_luvly

    Why dont they just try to “disover” it themselves? Lots of fun^^

  36. Lelly

    It is fun to discover for yourself- that’s the way I did it but I seen people on the comment sections saying they accidently blocked their best friends- and that must be terrible. So I just thought I’d post for those who are looking for help and a little bit lost 🙂

  37. thats horrible news.
    can you be my best friend lelly

  38. Grace

    The new makeover is okay…
    Its Kinda confusing though.

  39. Thanks SO much having a slow computer and a new website can be annoying because of all the click, wait…. wait… oops wrong page.. go back try again. People have to learn their way around the new website as if they were totally new to the site!!

  40. missylissy

    ok thx for helping but we can get used to it u know

  41. this is a great help i love the new layout!

  42. hey this was good

  43. Lelly

    You need some manners! Have you ever tried reading other posts on my blog? So you assume my blog is a “copycat blog” just because I made a guide? I’m sure many other bloggers out made a guide. So they must be copycats too! I do have manners and class tyvm but I’m not going to be polite to someone like you. Don’t start calling people copcats if you have only read 1 post on this blog. If you actually knew, I don’t talk about Hotbuys, spoilers and proxy cheats all of the time and instead I write about what I think about Stardoll itself and my views around it.

  44. Lelly

    No problem, and yeah I know but some people still haven’t even tried, they just quit stardoll because they didn’t like the makeover

  45. Aimee

    Okay, this is completely irrelavent but, what font did you use for that blog post? And, also, brilliant post!

  46. Lelly

    What’s horrible news? Okay..

  47. Lelly

    Thanks ^^
    I’m sure it’s Times New Roman, but I’m unsure because I’m on my Blackberry at the moment so I can’t really check. Once I am on my laptop I’ll check again for you

  48. suga-cookie

    I don’t like the new Stardoll too much, but it is pretty cool.
    The change is nice, and I like the colors.
    But this kinda helped, I figured most o it by myself but I didn’t know where to find the settings for my GB or blog.
    Again thanks
    ~SJ/ Suga-Cookie

  49. Kristina

    Oh My God!
    Would you people just BACK OFF!
    There is new stardoll,and you dont get it,OK…
    Now you got the tutorial,learn how to navigate and you will see how stardoll has actually improved…
    I cant belive how whiny you ppl are!!!
    I was at first,just as clueless,but i took time to explore every feature again and i loved it!
    So get off your high horse and at least try,you cant be THAT stupid after such helpful tutorial.All it takes is to stop being lazy-nothing in life will ever be served to you on a silver platter nor will enything change just for you!

  50. lilian

    stardoll is an amazing website, but everyone is so used to the way it was before that this new BIG BIG change is really hard to get around
    if this new stardoll is rlly easy to get around wouldnt u think a tutorial is not needed?
    the old stardoll had everything neat and put together and it was colorful now its dull and silver and it doesn’t have that splash of creativity anymore.
    the old stardoll always went through minor changes and those changes took us 2 seconds to figure out and enjoy- but now it went to the extreme makeover and if u do realize not that many people are liking it.
    if its possible i think stardoll should be brought back to its old way- the one way where NO ONE EVER COMPLAINED- the one way where it was colorful and not cluttered such as this new stardoll.
    many people are writing to you that they cant find this or that- dont u realize that stardoll is being too complex? there are young children here who wont understand. most of the older kids can understand because we know how to navigate and find our way out of places but little kids dont know how to.
    i and many other people here feel that stardoll is changing for the worse- why does stardoll have to change? it was the most simple and amazing website before- i am a member of many other “worlds” and those websites are so difficult i remember when stardoll was the most simple website easy to use easy to remember.
    you need to take into consideration that you will not expect an 8yr old to know what to do.
    hope u take my message and all the other messages to DEEP consideration and put stardoll back to normal

  51. Lelly

    I do understand what your saying, but Stardoll will never revert it back. It would be a waste of their time and our money. Even if Stardoll gave a choice for us members to choose between the New site and the Old site, probably 80% or more would chose the old, thus making the new makeover a waste of time. And nobody complained because we were used to the old Stardoll, and I think the only reason why people are confused is because it’s a totally different site. The site is easy to navigate and find your way around, even for 8 year old’s. It’s using common sense and just exploring. I’ve already made a very long post about this:


    Many people are not happy with the new makeover, everyone understands that, Stardoll are trying their best to help the new site but I highly doubt they’ll ever change it back. They’ve worked for months on this and to change it back would just be a waste.
    Plus this tutorial/guide was only for those confused on a wee small thing. I seen in the comments that some girls wanted to make their guestbooks private and didn’t know how, many people on here say they already knew everything and didn’t need to even use the guide! It’s just here for people who are a little bit lost or need to find one small thing.

  52. RJE1601

    hey, i just wanted to know, why did stardoll change? Before, i used to love going on stardoll, but now, i sign on for like 2 mins then back off again, because it has changed so much and there is sort of nothing to do now on the site. it was better the old way, and i do understand that it won’t change back. I just wish it would, because Stardoll used to be and look unique but now it is the same as every other website. Sorry.

  53. lelly can you be my

  54. Lelly

    Hii, Thanks for your comment. Nobody really knows but my guess is that Stardoll has had the same layout ever since 2005. If you had a website, and it looked the same as it did for 5 years wouldn’t you want a little change? Plus Stardoll needs to modernise itself, since kids these days are into technology and modern things now. To be honest I think before it looked like any other Doll website, plus the graphics and features are a lot better than many websites like Roi-world and I-dressup and Cartoon Doll Emporium except from the dress up dolls, Stardoll ones are atrocious. But everyone site needs a little change in a while . .

  55. Lelly

    Yeah sure, If you send me a friend request. I’ll accept =)

  56. 97ninjaUNICORNs

    Thanks sooo… much for the great advice! 🙂

  57. 97ninjaUNICORNs


  58. petra

    how do i “put on” the thing that makes other people can vote for me as a covergirl?

    please answer quick 🙂

  59. Lelly

    It’s already activated, unless you have deactivated earlier?? =)

  60. loz

    How do ou search for friends because my friends doll is called rachel_cutie111 and I don’t know where the search box is!

  61. Lelly

    Click on Community then Friends (or go to your friends list). Scroll a bit down and there is a search box on the right hand side and it should be pink where you can search usernames =)

  62. Sarah

    OMFG lyk !! I dont lyk the new stardoll and ii told stardoll ! HOW DOES THAT MAKE ME A WHINER?!?!?!?!?!? I told Stardoll MY OPINION !! I didnt tell them 2 change completely or my GB is 2 small r nything lyk that !! I tld dem MY OPINION !! & Thanks ill take that comment in2 consideration next time
    Good day

  63. Lelly

    Oh gosh not another one . . quote from post”moaning and whining about how the new Stardoll Website is just too confusing”. I was talking about the people who said it was confusing and kept posting it frequently. And next time (not being offensive or anything) please learn how to spell like properly. Please don’t start a fight, I’ve already had enough trouble with another girl about this, you can re-read the comments because what you and her are saying to me are very similar.

  64. Lelly

    I re-worded the top of the post due to the fact I’m tired of people misunderstanding what I meant. Yeah, well except the girl who claimed my blog was a “copycat” blog just because I made a guide and so many others did too. Thanks for being so polite about this 🙂


  66. Yana

    Why are invisible 5 cubes “Shrek, Million Dollar Mates, Stardoll cares about endangered species, Stardoll Pals and Stardoll Makeover 2010″ ? I can get to last three of them clicking on an empty place on the page. Very strange. (Is it so only in Russia?)

  67. ManasGrave

    I completely agree with you Lelly, and this is very helpful.
    Message to all moaners and freaking whiners: If you hate it so much leave stardoll, but please shut up! If you plan of remaining on stardoll suck it up.
    (i would say no offense, but you girls are really starting to annoy me)

  68. missponytail8

    i am only 11 years old and i find the new stardoll easy to find my way around(apart from ocasionly i have to come to this guide to find were something is because i have forgotten). I love the new stardoll because its sparkly and it is good that they have now have some seperate shops for boys. i think that people should stop complaining and just get used to it.i do wish that some parts were a little bit cleare and not so jammed in but i know its not going to change and i will get used to it. i think you are amazing typing all that out and doing all the pictures and stuff, i would never have been bothered! The main reason i came to this guide is because i couldn’t find animalistic! lol. you have your own rights `to post whatever you want and i say just dont listen to all the people that are having a go at you or whinging and moaning!

    Love The New Stardoll Website And Have Found This Guide Very Useful,
    P.S. I am going to send you a friend request please accept it!
    P.P.S. Sorry For The Bad Spelling.

  69. I sorta dont like the makeover because its hard to find everythin?!

  70. vindii77

    Thanks I think the stardoll can be confusing at first but once you look around it’s ok!

  71. sakuraisaflower

    at the time stardoll was re-done, my computer was busted and i had to use me Amazon Kindle to log into stardoll. the computer screen is so small, you can just imagine how confused i was. 🙂

  72. Sameeha

    Hi there, thanks so much for the guide it really helped me out.
    I think the new Stardoll is confusing, but it’s confusing in a fun way if you know what I mean. I think this blog deserved to be on the front page at Stardoll. Stardoll KNOWS that people have been finding it confusing, thats why they posted it on their front page!
    I used to have a blog and I used to post Advice and News. It was kind of like the ‘Stardoll Insiders’. (You should go to that blog if you want free items)
    I don’t think Lelly is being a ‘copycat’. Whoever told you that you were a ‘copycat’ is very immature. I used to have a blog similar to yours, so did my friends and family, and my Stardoll friends. So I guess they are ‘copycats’ too.

    I just want to say, do not listen to all of these immature people, and PLEASE continue posting as I am a big fan of your blog.

    – Sammy xx (Sameeha_Kitty on Stardoll)

  73. Erika (HyperPunkGal)

    Well, people can voice their opinions about the new website and such. They shouldn’t have to be called moaners or whiners, by the other people who like the new design whom get irritated easily because some people have negative stuff to say about their dear Stardoll.. -_-
    Personally, I really don’t like the new Stardoll. It’s very different and weird now, and I’m just not use to it yet. Plus, I don’t think it’s that pretty 😛

    But whatever. I just think everyone needs time for all this new shizz to sink in.

  74. Lelly

    What can I say that I haven’t said to other folks… I wasn’t calling everyone moaners and whiners- just those who were constantly posting the same message over and over again, if you ever read the post I posted before this- then you would understand. Oh yes because I totally love Stardoll….

  75. i think is the stardoll website got a makeover
    now we so many cool things on our stylein website
    hy guys! did you see a doll named Littlemiss683?
    well if you did thats my stardoll! and can I tell you a seekrit? well I LOVE stardoll!!!well I read
    some of your messages guys Im relly sorry for the people who dont relly like stardoll any more
    cuse of the make over but ill tell you one thing
    I felt the same way when i longed on to stardoll
    thaks for reading my message check out my also!xoxo

  76. cashflash

    hey where is the stardoll design place thingy ?????

  77. esps7

    tank you for being helpful

  78. Morocha

    Hey! Sorry to ask but I really can’t find it…how do you activate voting in your album?
    Thanks 🙂

  79. ashley

    i HATE the new stardoll. :/ sorry.

  80. FuckYou

    Fuck you stupid bitch, if youre calling us whiners. Maybe you can go whine about how your life is miserable. Everyone has freedom of speech so I suggest you shut the fuck up and stop naming people names. Why is Stardoll even promoting you? Youre a fucktard that cant stop kissing Stardoll’s ass for promoting you. Have you ever thought of what other people think? Didnt think so. Go back and learn that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they dont need a kiss- ass prick like you to start calling them names.

  81. mariana

    i just have to say that it took me like 2 hrs exploring the new stardoll and i find absolutely everything that i need i didnt even feel confuse i agree that isnt pretty but come on people i understand that chidren maybe be a litle confuse and what she writes is everthing they need to play in the new stardoll

  82. Thanks for taking your time to write this for us! I completely agree – We can’t just sit around doing nothing! ♥ Visit me on Stardoll! My nickname is Daniella-Diva! ♥

  83. kkklewis75

    were can u find the hotbuys at???

  84. stephanie

    lets just say; a lot of people probably wont be renewing their membership cause of this layout..

  85. hi i love it is amazing girl you rock !

  86. Thanks! And Everyone Thats Being Mean, Go Away! I Say Lelly Has Done A Brilliant Job!
    Add Me Lelly, Im Kittycandystick! x

  87. Lelly

    Click on my Page, then click on Design & Sell. Underneath that there are three icons ” Bazar, Fashion Design and Interior Design”. Click on either ones =)

  88. Lelly

    I think it’s already activated and there’s no way to deactivate it any more. So I wouldn’t worry about it =)

  89. Lelly

    There’s nothing to be sorry about. We all have different opinions

  90. Lelly

    Click on Spotlight, then underneath that The Stardoll Blog. Underneath that there are loads of different topics “New, Fashion, Stardoll Shopping, StarBloggers, Video, World Cup, Staff, ELLE and Autumn Winter/11”. Click on Stardoll Shopping, scroll down and the July Hotbuys should be there =)

  91. Hi. I have a new amount of starpoints and i want to make a club. where is the sign for CREATE A CLUB? I ALSO WANT TOO KNOW WHEN YOU ARE SHOPPING FOR MAKEUP HOW DO YOU CHANGE FROM LIKE LIPSTICK TOO EYESHADOW I TRYED CLICKING BUT IT DOES NOT WORK. Thank you so much XxxXXXxoOOOooO

  92. Lelly

    I would love to take this comment seriously- I really would. But since your name is “F***you” and I highly doubt suckmyass@hotmail.com is your real e-mail.
    Shout every insult under the sun at me, but to be honest you’re just a coward who can’t face the music. I actually have some respect for those who left comments like your’s that left their real e-mail address so I could actually tell they were being serious. But now after this. I just expect you to be some childish twat who needs to learn a few manners.
    And my life is perfectly fine at the moment, and if it wasn’t I doubt I would be posting on this blogs and creating guides like this for ungrateful people like you and instead I think I would be seeking help. Do people ever stop to think that some of my time and effort went into this?
    But I really don’t see how my personal life is involved in this, I think you might be the one with the miserable life that’s taking it out on other people using the internet. You might think your hardcore and cool- but really your just some lame coward (as explained before).
    Who said I was asskissing, just because I said I liked the makeover makes me an ass kisser?
    You do understand that this is MY blog, where I can write anything I like. It’s only your choice whether to read it or not.
    I’ve already apologised to people in the comments section about the whiners thing but I might take it back if people are going to start calling me a prick and a fucktard.
    You said everyone is entitled to their own opinions right without people calling them names? I think your kind of contradicting yourself there, I can base my opinions of it yet your calling me an asskisser/prick/fucktard?

  93. Aimee

    Can everybody just shut up? Not trying to be disrespectful, but all Lelly did was post a blog on how to HELP people around the new Stardoll. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it. Navigate away from this page. Moaning, and complaining here about the new Stardoll and how much you hate it isn’t going to do anything. Stardoll isn’t just a blog, where it is easy to change back or to something that everyone is happy with. Okay, this took time making the new changes. Do you really expect them to make it all childish in big, bold letters and bright colours? Everyone complained about the old Stardoll, all the glitches, and things going wrong with it. Now, everyone is moaning about the new Stardoll. Just, GET over yourself. Okay? She was trying to help.

  94. Lelly

    Click on Community, then click underneath that Clubs. When you get to the page there is a Big Blue box. And there it says “Create a club”. click on it and create one. I’m not quite sure what you mean by changing for lipstick to eyeshadow . . If your trying to purchase these then you could try doing it separate. =)

  95. I LOVE THE NEW STARDOLL! It’s not confusing at all.

  96. Hi!
    I don’t know why people are complaining! My sister is 7 and she got round the place in 5 mins. And loved it!

  97. hi where is the place where you can enter compotitions???????

  98. Lelly

    Click Spotlight, then Contest & Events. All the competitions are there

  99. I love the makeover. I don’t get how it’s confusing. =O

  100. im not trying to be chidish but im just grand with the new stardoll but one teeny tiny thing is i cant find active compotiions could somebody kind (unlike some people who are nagging on about stop moaning:well i think we’ve gone overboard on that and the wat some of you’se are putting it all is a teeny tiny bit (some very)mean)plz show me how to find them!


  101. i know that but there is no active ones there is just archive ones

  102. Princessbanji

    hey I am a superstar and I have 3clubs can I have anotherone?

  103. hi lelly what is your name on sd??? mine is madness4567 and i dont get why you people r moaning lots of people put up guides and vids and time+effort so show these peoples some resect and cut them some slack

  104. Lelly

    You scroll down a bit, in a blue box it says “Active Contests” where you can see the Cat & Dogs competition and the République Soeurs Contest

  105. wELL I KNEW for those before but i cant find the endengered species where they are?

  106. Lelly

    Hi, it’s Lel1996
    It took me probably an hour to post all of it up, and I’m glad Stardoll actually posted it on their front page.
    Yeah . . I did actually apologize somewhere at the top of the comments section (there’s loads of comments so I doubt anyone could be bothered searching for it), that’s why people are mostly angry at me, but y’know some people might just want to take all their frustration about the makeover to me even though I’ve got nothing to do with the makeover =L

  107. Lelly

    It’s on the guide. You just need to click the Barn Owl Cube and it will take you to the endangered species.

  108. hey everybody dear
    Lel1996 can you be my freind.

  109. Well it really didnt help but whats million dollar mates?

  110. PeteFee2121

    Thanks Lelly! I already knew some of this but some of it i didnt and it really helped! 🙂 Thanks again!

  111. Lelly

    I have no idea, I think it’s some competition. Its nice to know that some of my time and effort went to waste

  112. i hate the new stardoll it sucks!

  113. Wow

    Well for one, I’m pretty sure us “whiners” have good intentions too.
    Seriously think about it.

    Why fix something that isn’t broken? Stardoll was just fine the way it was. They didn’t have to go and change everything around.

    Also, you shouldn’t have to adjust your settings and zoom in and out just so you can play on Stardoll. I mean seriously.

    Stardoll isn’t going to listen if we send feedback. As soon as they see that we are complaining about their “awesome new make-over” they will just casually toss the message aside. Because obviously they don’t care. Why else would they not put a “dislike new make-over” choice for the poll? Because they don’t want to hear bad things about the make-over. They have the vision in their head and they don’t care about what the users of Stardoll wants. I don’t even know why they have a feedback button.

    So about the whining, whining, yes, but considering how Stardoll doesn’t care if we send feedback, why not whine? It will get us as far as sending feedback..

  114. thanks, i didnt even know that there was a stardoll cinema and endangered species place

  115. I think this helped a lot of people. But, if you take three seconds, and some common sense, you’ll barely need half the stuff written.
    The thing that bugs me is yes, with my computer, this website is an incredible hassle. I couldn’t work well with it before, and it has seemed to have gotten worse. But, my computer isn’t the best for the internet, so it’s really my fault, and I shouldn’t complain.
    But the thing that really, really bugs me, is the fact that all people can focus on is the wining of others, and that the website is terrible.
    #1: Winers about winers:
    Get over it! People complain! Nobodys perfectly happy! That’s what makes the world go round!
    #2: Winers about Website:
    If it’s that hard to use, go somewhere else. Perhaps another website, or not at all. Your making new winers about you.
    I thought this was a good idea all in all. It will help the lost.

  116. lipgloss_babe91

    Hi, thanks for this post xD
    I managed to find my way around quite well but i was still confused as to where the stardoll mag had got too, i guess im not as vigilante as i thought =P xxx

  117. lipgloss_babe91

    Just been reading throught some of the other comments left and can see alot of negative feed back about the make-over. I think just like most things we are a little too set in our ways ^-^ i think after we get used to the layout we will find it more beneficial than the old one.

  118. Kady

    Wow confusing!

  119. blubby184

    hi, great site by the way, but where do u go 2 change password

  120. Shay-Way

    Hey, I am still sorta new to the site so my questions may sound stupid 😛 Ok, first of all, what is a MeDoll and are all users of this site given one? Also, where would my MeDoll be located?

  121. ladyeredd

    where can i find the hot buys of the month ?

  122. ALLY


  123. I think the guide was really helpful, sum of the stuff I already knew but its good to know everything, and it may be someones first time on the new site so a tutorial really helps. It must be tough answering all these posts!!

    Anyway, my question is—-
    How do you get dolls and stuff into your album??? The little list below the album has dissapeared and I dont know what to do!!!!

    THX very much, plz answer this- Even if u didnt create this blog but do know the answer—-
    PLZ SAY!

  124. js511

    Summer said do you really expect a 10 year old to understand this, I’m 10 and I understood this, it was actully really helpful, she must think 10 year olds are really dumb if they can’t understand this.

  125. Mew

    Thank you a lot for these things..! Not like I needed a lot help. People who can’t manage their way to pages should use this website ^^. Thaaaank you!

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  127. Lelly

    Well if your site had the same layout since it first began, I’m sure in 5 years time you would want to have a bit of a change.
    You do understand that some people have different computer screens, some are larger than others therefore Stardoll site might be a bit smaller.
    And I think they do listen to your feedback. They changed the Best Friends from 6-33. Made the broadcast slower all due to people mailing them on the feedback section . .

  128. Lelly

    Well some people might need that extra bit of help.
    and I don’t know exactly what to say. I agree with you, I’ve already made an apology somewhere in the comments.

  129. Lelly

    Not really, it probably looks confusing because I’ve wrote it all out.

  130. Lelly

    Click on My Page, then click On My account. The click on Settings. Scroll down then click Change password. It’s highlighted in Blue ink. 🙂

  131. Lelly

    Click on Spotlight, then underneath that The Stardoll Blog. Underneath that there are loads of different topics “New, Fashion, Stardoll Shopping, StarBloggers, Video, World Cup, Staff, ELLE and Autumn Winter/11″. Click on Stardoll Shopping, scroll down and the July Hotbuys should be there =)

  132. Lelly

    When you go to your album, on the right hand side there is a small white tab along the side (Just like the suite). There is a purple arrow. Click on it then click on Dolls and just drag them on the page you want 🙂

    Yeah I suppose I have to answer a lot of question everyday plus it takes up a lot of my free time, but I’m willing to help everyone.

  133. Lelly

    You know if your connected to Chat if in brackets it has a number. If the number is 0 then you’re not connected. To enter someone for Chat they need to be your friend plus they need to be online on Stardoll and have to be connected. To invite someone to chat, click on the Chat Icon, a list should come down, click on the user name you would like to talk to and start chatting! 🙂

  134. Lelly

    The Medoll you can find in Your Suite and in the Beauty Parlor. The Medoll is a doll that represents you, whenever you post a comment anywhere people can see your Medoll on clubs, guestbooks, albums, dressup dolls. Every single user of Stardoll has a medoll 🙂

  135. kennyreese

    hello, personally i think it is actually quite easy to navigate the new stardoll site. im new and dont quite understand eveything, so if you could help me out and add me as a friend i would greatly appreciate it. also i have 3 suggestions.
    1: create a way to get/earn stardollars and starpoints with out becoming a super star.
    2: create more shops for makeup, with more varieties.
    3: create more haircolors to choose from when you are choosing a hair style.
    ♥ kenny

  136. Nutella

    Honestly, i dont like new stardoll, its hard to find everything.. DONT LIKE IT. its my opinion and thats all..

  137. I love stardoll yes cool

  138. lovex333aandf

    wow. some people need to stop whining and complaining. its nice to have a change. itt obviously wont be like to old one but its cooler to have a change once in a while.

  139. Shay-Way

    Thank you! That helped me lotz 😀

  140. Carter19929

    Hey thax for taking the time to make this it really helped me. After reading this its easy to find my way around. It must have taken a long time to make this and i appreciate tht u even took the time to make it.

  141. Missy.Tito

    The info is great!
    But I went into Clubs today and I couldn’t see the button for making a new club. Please help!
    Thank You!
    P.S. I think it’s really great you went to the effort of making this blog, it must have taken you ages! =]

  142. Lelly


    Here’s the snapshot. it’s a lot easier than explaining it all hehe
    Thanks 🙂

  143. CiCi9-54

    Hey Lelly. I thnk you did a great job with this guide, I couldn’t find how to make guestbook private. Don’t listen to the people who are putting u down.
    I think the girl who left comment “ps. Leave a rude reply” is the Kat—– who called ur blog a vopycat blog before cuz she is the only person who’s realli angry at u.
    Don’t listen to her- she’s the one being rude to u and u shudnt be replying to her cuz dats what she wants

  144. Lelly

    Thanks 🙂
    I’m still unsure, but thanks for the tip.
    It could be anyone really but I suppose in a weird way it does make sense.
    Anyways I deleted all her contributions from my blog just because she’s just looking for a fight. I’m not looking for respect from anyone- I just want to voice my opinion on MY blog. Plus I didn’t really see why she had to notify me again the fist place.

  145. my202pup

    Hey Lelly the blog thingy was great… but the only thing i still dont know is that im new on stardoll.com and i dont know where the community tab is 😦 so can you please take the time and tell me where it is thanks. Oh and how do i get to my presentation where i can click on/off button for people to rate/Vote? thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Lelly

    The community tab is at the top next to Shop, My Page, Spotlight and Help.
    I’m not sure there is an off/on button for covergirl anymore. I think everyone can be Covergirl unless you are a Kidlock member but you could contact Stardoll.
    Hope this helps you 🙂

  147. Anna

    I am one of the whiners..
    But i found this very helpful..
    I will not longer whine ;D

  148. Julia

    hi lelly can you add me

  149. Charlotte xxxx

    I totally appreciate everything Lelly has been through so why dont you? All you maners out there who find it funny, well its not its irritating!
    Now I am thankful that Lelly made this blog becuase if she had’nt then all you moaners would of just carried on and i do expect you to still carry on but please dont give Lelly and the other staff a break !!! p.s i dont mean to be offensive.

  150. Missy.Tito

    I know I recently sent you a message,
    but I have 3 clubs and I’m not allowed to make a new one without deleting one of my old ones. But how do you delete the old one?
    Thanks so much!
    Keep up the good work! =D

  151. Thanks , This helped me ALOT. [ : <

  152. Khadija

    How do you send someone a friend request?

  153. Awesome site! I haven’t found lel1996stardollblog.wordpress.com before in my browsing!I found very useful information about here… Keep up the good work!

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  155. i love this. thank you for doing this i also like to chat.but i role play for the twilight sagas and i love this and Letty is so helpful with the guest books and the me doll and the beauty parlor thank you both.

  156. so sorry lelly! 😀