I’m not going to be active a lot on Stardoll this week due to the fact I’m a bit tired out. Since it’s the Summer Holidays I know I’ll be on Stardoll quite a bit and I just need a little break for a while. So sorry if I have promised you something, I can’t do it till later on.

I hear the new Antidote collection is soon to be released so I might log in for that but other than that I probably won’t be online for a week or so.

I still however might be posting on Youtube since I promised someone I would make a video using their idea, might be postponed for a while. I spent nearly 2 hours trying to make my latest video I had to keep recording different shots and since I’ve got a new editing programme.

I’ll also still keep updating the blog, reply to comments etc. so I guess I’ll just post up some rants that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I just won’t be on Stardoll but probably the day Antidote comes out I’ll reply to any comments and friend requests.

I think I’m non-superstar at the moment, I really don’t care since I’ll upgrade back once the new collection comes out or the day that the Diane Von Furstenburg Tribute Collection is supposed to leave. I’m not really upgrading now due to the fact that I’ll be wasting my money on Superstar membership that I’m not even going to use for half of the time.

I’m only writing this post so people know I’m not going to be online Stardoll and so that people don’t think I’m dead o.o




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